Contessa: Inspector Fox, why fight it... don't you want to be my friend?
Carmelita: Noo! You horrible eight legged cow, NO!
— The Contessa attempting to brainwash Carmelita[src]

"Crypt Hack" was a job for Bentley in A Tangled Web of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Bentley needs to head back into the crypts beneath the Contessa's castle to power up the old terminal in the re-education tower, so the gang can rescue Carmelita.


When the mission starts, Sly asks how is Bentley going to hack the computers in the crypt when they have no power. Bentley explains that according to General Clawfoot, there is a mobile power source stored at the end of the old crypt filled with deadly medieval traps. Bentley plans to harness it to get the local computers online.

Bentley runs to the end of the crypt and obtains an acid battery. He then uses it to power up and hack three computers located in the crypt in order to power up the old terminal in the re-education tower. Once each computer is hacked and the old terminal is powered up, Bentley's work here is done.


Trivia Edit

  • The tentacles that pop out of the water can be shot with Bentley's sleep darts.