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Cyrille's father was the father of Cyrille Le Paradox and a member of the Le Paradox clan.



Information on Cyrille's father is scarce except he appears to have died in prison and he had a very strong hatred for Conner Cooper.

In the end of his shortened career, Cyrille's Father attempted to steal the world's largest diamond and frame his hated rival, Conner Cooper, for the crime. However, Conner also planned to steal the diamond and arrived just a few moments earlier and made off with the prize right in front of Cyrille's father.

Infuriated, Cyrille's father lost his temper and didn't realize the police had shown up and the thief was caught at the scene.

Nothing else is revealed about Cyrille's father, but it appears he got a life sentence for his thieving background and apparently died in prison leaving Cyrille without a mentor and a father.


Physical appearanceEdit

Only a stylized version of Cyrille's father has been seen, so not much can be determined from it other than he looks somewhat like his son. He wore a green fedora and scarf, and a black shirt, as well as green pants and shoes.


Nothing is known about the abilities of Cyrille's father, except that he appeared to be an unsuccessful thief much like the rest of his family.

However, being a skunk, he likely could release a powerful odor.


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