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Another booby trap, for a stick!? These guys are paranoid... and from the sound of it, they've called in reinforcements. Nothing like a hoard of angry dingoes to make things a bit more interesting.
― Sly after stealing the Guru's staff back from the Miners

"Dark Caves" was a job for Sly Cooper in "Rumble Down Under" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Sly must venture through two dark caves to retrieve the Guru's gear.


Since the miners have confiscated The Guru's walking staff and Moon Stone, the Guru is left powerless. Sly suggests that the miners have stored the items in the caves as they are secure locations with plenty of guards to protect them. Bentley directs Sly to the mind shaft below, which appears to have the highest amount of workers coming in and out.

Sly heads inside and must spire jump along several drills and also sneak past a few dingoes to make his way to the safe. This safe contains the Guru's magic Moon Stone. Once Sly retrieves it, he notices that it's been booby-trapped with a light-sensitive detonator and quickly runs for the exit before it explodes.

Now that he has the Moon Stone, Sly heads for the second mind shaft. The cave is pretty dark, but luckily, the Moon Stone provides enough illumination for Sly to see. He must still watch his step as the pits are very deep. Sly finds the second safe and swipes the walking staff. Just like before, he must quickly make his way out of the cave as the walking staff is also booby-trapped. Several hordes of dingoes and kangaroos appear and attack Sly on the way out. He must fight through them while under the time limit. Once he makes it out safely, the job is a success and now the Guru can get his items back.


  • In the PS VITA version, the lighting in the second cave is slightly altered.
  • Although Sly says that dingoes have arrived after he grabs the Guru's staff, kangaroos are also present when he makes a run out of the cave to de-booby-trap it.