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Cool, Daddy-O. How 'bout you take your "pimped self" down 'neath the H2O and get nasty with the scuba... yo, with bling.
― Bentley trying to explain the current mission to Dimitri in a way he'll understand.[src]

"Deep Sea Danger" was a job for Dimitri Lousteau in "Dead Men Tell No Tales" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. It was also Dimitri's first job.


Dimitri must put his diving gear to use by salvaging an undersea wreck for some cannon modifications.


Once the Cooper Gang drops anchor near the shipwreck, Dimitri is all dressed up and ready to take the dive. Bentley tells him to look for some cannon blast amplification collars. Once Dimitri is underwater, he swims through a small hole and discovers the wreckage. The area is filled with gray sharks and jellyfish, which he must avoid at all costs. The gang needs six cannon amplifiers. Once Dimitri collects them all, the gang hauls them up in a basket.

Now that they have the collars, they will need to fortify their gunpowder with some hammerhead shark bones. These sharks are attracted to yellow dart fish. Therefore, Dimitri's next task is to swim down below the reef and snag a couple. Catching these fish requires fast swimming, and there are also more gray sharks down here. After grabbing two of the yellow fish, five hammerhead sharks show up. Dimitri swims back up and prepares for some deep-sea hunting. After killing all five of those sharks, Bentley compliments him on his impressing swimming. The gang is now ready to go toe-to-toe with LeFwee's ship.


  • This is the only mission to feature coins underwater.
  • A glitch can occur with the regular sharks. They would appear indestructible and are oblivious to Dimitri's presence. They will float in awkward positions and eventually float through the walls and even float into the sky.