The thumping music, the colorful light shows and a hint of danger, luring chic, young patrons from far and wide.
Sly Cooper

Dimitri's Nightclub was a building in Paris that served as Dimitri Lousteau's main base of operations, as well as his counterfeit factory.


Financed with Dimitri's counterfeit money and paintings, the nightclub was located in the middle of Paris, near the Cooper Gang's safe house. Dimitri was a member of the Klaww Gang, who used the nightclub to distribute their spice all over the city.

During the events of The Black Chateau in Sly 2: Band of Thieves, Sly Cooper and the gang infiltrated the nightclub in order to recover the Clockwerk tail feathers, and to put a stop to Dimitri's counterfeiting operation. Sly managed to defeat Dimitri, who was later arrested by Carmelita Fox. With its owner arrested, the nightclub was closed down.[1]


The nightclub consisted of various rooms:


The nightclub's disco featured a large dancefloor, along with the disco ball and two record tables. During the mission, "Disco Demolitions," Bentley visited the disco and used his bombs to drop down the disco ball to weaken the moorings of the nightclub's giant peacock sign.

Dimitri's Nightclub interior


This is a large room that was connected to the printing room and the wine cellar via ventilation shafts. Sly ran through it during the mission, "Breaking and Entering," to get inside the nightclub.

Dimitri's officeEdit

Dimitri's base of operations was located next to the nightclub's dining area. It had a glass wall with a view to the disco. During "Bug Dimitri's Office," Sly broke into the office to swap a bugged painting with the original one located in the office. The episode's vault was also located in there.


This was an area with a stage, backstage and a grandstand. During "Theater Pickpocketing," Sly entered the theater, pickpocketed six keys from the guards, and then used them to slow down the fans in order to reach the chandelier and shut down the security of the printing room.

Waterpump roomEdit


Waterpump room

The nightclub's waterpump is located in this cellar space. A code to enter the room was collected by Sly in "Follow Dimitri," and it was destroyed by Murray during "Waterpump Destruction." This was done so that Dimitri would have to route water from the old water tower, which was an integral part of Bentley's plan.

Wine cellarEdit

This area was accessed by Sly and Murray during the mission, "Breaking and Entering," to reach the nightclub. As Murray could not press on, Sly went on his own to find a way into the nightclub. The wine cellar was a heavily guarded wine cellar that was connected to the nightclub via a ventilation system.

Water towerEdit

After the destruction of the waterpump, the nightclub began to root their water from the water tower located on top of the waterpump room. During the gang's heist Bentley entered the tower and redirected the water from the nightclub fountain, which was an integral part of the plan.

Printing press roomEdit

This was a dark room located under the nightclub, where Dimitri counterfeited money with the Clockwerk Tail Feathers. During "Operation: Thunder Beak," Sly confronted and defeated Dimitri here, ending his operation once and for all.



  • If one of the sound systems in the disco is destroyed, the remix version of Dimitri's Greasy Sweet song will play instead of the original version.
  • In Dimitri's office, there is a painting that Sly can steal and trade for a good price. It is surprising though that while Dimitri has a piece of art in his office, he has yet to forge it.
  • When playing as Sly or Bentley, you can go back into the nightclub and climb on top of Dimitri's office.


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