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Le Théâtre Formidable, known as Dimitri's nightclub, is a location in Sly 2: Band of Thieves. It was an entertainment venue located in Paris and owned by Dimitri Lousteau, who financed its operation through the creation and sale of forged paintings. For patrons, the nightclub was known to serve food and drink, host theatrical performances and offer a discotheque. Secretly however, the nightclub was also the site of Dimitri's money counterfeiting operation.


Located on the west-side of Paris, Dimitri's nightclub was a popular establishment said to "lure in chic, young patrons from far and wide."[1] It was also the avenue through which Dimitri funneled the Klaww Gang's illegal spice into the city population. According to Arpeggio, Dimitri had eventually gotten the whole city to consume the spice.[2]

After the Klaww Gang stole the Clockwerk parts, Dimitri was given the tail feathers. He used them as plates in a counterfeit money printer located beneath his nightclub. The rare alloy of the tail feathers prevented them from ever wearing out allowing Dimitri to print forged money indefinitely.[3] The Cooper Gang managed to infiltrate the nightclub in search of Clockwerk's tail feathers. Over the course of the night they sabotaged parts of Dimitri's counterfeit money operation in an attempt to gain access to his printing press room beneath his nightclub. They were eventually successful and able to both steal the Clockwerk tail feathers and defeat Dimitri. He was later arrested and had his nightclub shut down by the authorities.[4]



The nightclub was a complex consisting of multiple, interconnected buildings. It was rather modest in appearance, having an exterior similar to the rest of the buildings in the area. Its primary distinguishing feature was a large, neon-lit sign designed in the likeness of a peacock. The sign stood above the entrance and bore the nightclub's name. At the rear of the complex, adjacent to the entrance of the discotheque was a large courtyard with a circular stage in its center. Four decorative spouts poured water over the sides of the stage into a surrounding gutter.

The area around the nightclub comprises various miscellaneous businesses and residential buildings. The Cooper Gang's safe house, a restaurant named "Le Stinky Cheese" and a hotel are all located in the near vicinity.

Wine cellar[]

The wine cellar was an underground storage area that Sly went through to sneak into the nightclub. It was guarded by both rat guards and warthog guards. Murray helped Sly in dealing with the former but the latter were avoided, as they were deemed by Bentley to be too dangerous to fight. Several tables placed throughout the cellar helped Sly bypass the guards and laser security systems contained inside by crawling underneath them.[3]

Dimitri's office[]

The door to Dimitri's office was inside what appeared to be a dining room inside the club. The office contained Dimitri's desk, a safe and a pedestal for displaying valuable art pieces. Four different portraits of Dimitri hung on the walls. Two fish aquariums were also built into the walls. Behind Dimitri's desk was a large window offering a full view of the discotheque.[5]

Water pump room[]

The destroyed water pump

The water pump room contained a water pump capable of pumping water directly to the nightclub providing it with a water source. A door code to enter the room was collected after eavesdropping on Dimitri,[6] with the pump eventually being destroyed by Murray. Destroying the pump forced the nightclub to re-route water through the old water tower instead.[7]


The theater was located on the east-side of the nightclub. Inside contained a stage, backstage and grandstand. Two wall-mounted boxes, later destroyed by Sly, powered the security systems in the printing press room. Ceiling fans were used to circulate air throughout the theater with their speed being controlled through a panel that required six keys to unlock.[8]


Dimitri's Nightclub interior.png

The discotheque was located on the back-side of the nightclub. The entrance opened to a long hallway that led into the main room. An illuminated dance floor covered most of the discotheque, a large disco ball and several go-go cages hung from the ceiling. Seating was located on an upper-level overlooking the dance floor. Located along the wall of the dance floor was a stage with two DJ turntables. A loop of Dimitri's "Greasy Sweet" song played in the background and destroying the turntables would cause a remixed version of the song to play instead.[9]

Water tower[]

Old tower.png

The water tower was used prior to the introduction of the more sophisticated water pump. The destruction of the water pump forced the nightclub to revert to using the old water tower.[7] This was part of Bentley's plan, as he later entered the tower and manually diverted water pressure away from the plaza fountain located outside the nightclub. This was done to lure a repairman outside so the key to his truck could be stolen.[10]

Repair truck[]

Repair truck

The repair truck was initially positioned on the far end of town, located near the stage area behind the nightclub. It was operated by the nightclub's repairman. It had a small but significant role in bringing down Dimitri's counterfeit operation.

During "Operation: Thunder Beak," Sly Cooper pickpocketed the truck's key from the repairman, allowing Bentley and Murray to steal the truck and use its grappling hook to pull down the nightclub's peacock sign. Murray launched the hook to Sly, who after attaching it to the peacock sign, defended the truck from Dimitri's security guards. After the guards were defeated, Murray used the hook to pull the large sign down onto the fountain, enabling Sly to reach the printing press room via the destroyed fountain.

Printing press room[]

The printing press room was where Dimitri set up his money counterfeiting operation. The room was located directly underneath the nightclub complex and was known to be accessible via a passage located beneath the plaza fountain. During Operation: Thunder Beak, the repair truck was used to topple the nightclub's sign onto the fountain, destroying it and exposing the secret passage.[10]

The printing press room consisted of three levels. The first was where Sly and Dimitri's battle took place. Found throughout this level were glass panes and barrels containing an unknown green substance. During the battle, Sly used these objects to shield himself from Dimitri's attacks. The second level was where the printing press machine was situated along with the many rolled sheets of counterfeited money. The third level comprised of a metal walkway circling the power generator.[11]


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