Sly talking with a guard

Disguise passwords are codes that Sly Cooper is required to recite if seen while in disguise. Sly has to memorize the password transmitted to him by Bentley and answer the guards. If the code is incorrectly recited or not recited fast enough, the guard will see through Sly's disguise and attack him. There are three locations that use passwords, one for each disguise.



These phrases are named after voice types.

TriangleButton: Soprano
CircleButton: Alto
XButton: Bass
SquareButton: Tenor


Name Phrases Code
Day time Alto, Alto, Bass, Bass CircleButton CircleButton XButton XButton
Midnight Alto, Bass, Alto, Alto CircleButton XButton CircleButton CircleButton
Last night's Alto, Tenor, Tenor, Alto CircleButton SquareButton SquareButton CircleButton
Ferris wheel Soprano, Alto, Alto, Soprano TriangleButton CircleButton CircleButton TriangleButton
Carnevale Tenor, Bass, Tenor, Tenor SquareButton XButton SquareButton SquareButton
Cafe Bass, Bass, Bass, Soprano XButton XButton XButton TriangleButton
Vacuum room Soprano, Soprano, Bass, Bass TriangleButton TriangleButton XButton XButton
Octavio's house Tenor, Soprano, Tenor, Soprano SquareButton TriangleButton SquareButton TriangleButton
Secret soprano Tenor, Bass, Tenor, Tenor SquareButton XButton SquareButton SquareButton



These phrases are named after times of day.

TriangleButton: Day
CircleButton: Moon
XButton: Night
SquareButton: Sun


Name Phrases Code
New year's Night, Sun, Sun, Night XButton SquareButton SquareButton XButton
Crypt Night, Night, Night, Night XButton XButton XButton XButton
Wedding Sun, Moon, Sun, Sun SquareButton CircleButton SquareButton SquareButton
Sunset Day, Night, Sun, Moon TriangleButton XButton SquareButton CircleButton
Bamboo forest Sun, Night, Moon, Night SquareButton XButton CircleButton XButton
Midnight Night, Day, Moon, Moon XButton TriangleButton CircleButton CircleButton
Thursday's Sun, Moon, Day, Night SquareButton CircleButton TriangleButton XButton
Temple Day, Sun, Day, Moon TriangleButton SquareButton TriangleButton CircleButton

Blood Bath BayEdit


These phrases are named after parts of a ship.

TriangleButton: Hull
CircleButton: Spar
XButton: Jib
SquareButton: Port


Name Phrases Code
Skeleton Jib, Port, Spar, Hull XButton SquareButton CircleButton TriangleButton
Captain's Hull, Spar, Port, Jib TriangleButton CircleButton SquareButton XButton
Crossbones Spar, Spar, Spar, Spar CircleButton CircleButton CircleButton CircleButton
Pirate Port, Port, Hull, Port SquareButton SquareButton TriangleButton SquareButton
Skull Jib, Spar, Jib, Hull XButton CircleButton XButton TriangleButton
Storm Jib, Spar, Jib, Spar XButton CircleButton XButton CircleButton
Flagship Port, Hull, Spar, Spar SquareButton TriangleButton CircleButton CircleButton
Island Port, Hull, Spar, Hull SquareButton TriangleButton CircleButton TriangleButton
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