Dodos are rooftop guards in Clan of the Cave Raccoon of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


The dodos have long yellow legs and feathers of reddish-brown color. They also have large hatchet-like yellow beaks that are their primary weapon. They attack by ramming with their beaks or slamming down near you and throwing snowballs. They occasionally attempt to dodge the players attacks.



  • Compared to other guards in Thieves in Time, the dodos are the most accurate in their attack methods and design compared to their real life counterparts. Although little is known about dodo birds behavior, it is theorized it used its large, hooked beak in territorial disputes. [1]
  • Their coloration seems to be based on the one of the Frohawk dodo.[2]
  • The Dodo Birds are the only rooftop guards in Thieves in Time to only have two main attacks.
  • The concept art by Paul Sullivan for these guards was used in a Wordpress article about dodos.[3]


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