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Neyla: Paris...? Sly Cooper?! You aren't by any chance here to turn yourself in? Old Ironsides would fall out of her dress.
Sly Cooper: As good as that sounds, how about a dance first?
Neyla: Enchanté.
― When the two have their second encounter[src]

"Dominate the Dance Floor" was a job for Sly Cooper in "A Starry Eyed Encounter" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


After putting together a tuxedo, Sly returned to the ballroom for a dance.


Sly needed to impress Carmelita so she would dance with him later during the gang's heist to steal the Clockwerk wings.

"Are you using me to get at Old Ironsides?"

He approached Neyla, making himself known before asking for a dance. Neyla accepted, and the two began a tango.[notes 1] After a brief moment, Neyla asked if he was just using her to score a dance with Carmelita, to which he admitted he was, though Neyla did not mind.

Midway through their dance, Rajan commented on Sly's gracefulness, while Bison chided Rajan for his inability to move spice shipments as gracefully as Sly could dance. After Sly and Neyla wowed the crowd, Carmelita, not recognizing Sly, approached them and complimented Sly's ability. He then asked her for a dance later on, which she accepted.


  1. If one looks closely at Neyla's face, she clearly shoots Sly a few dirty looks, indicating that she is not the good cop she claims to be.