With all the hay and feathers in here, just looking at this place has got me breaking out in hives. But we've got no choice.
― Bentley to Sly while inside the chicken house[src]

"Down Home Cooking" was a job in "Vicious Voodoo" of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


To obtain a treasure key, Sly needed to whack fifty chickens for a ghost rat.


Bentley informed Sly that the ghost floating above the room contacted him via specter-wave radio, and they cut a deal. The ghost wanted to make a large pot of gumbo, but was afraid of the Bomb Toting Roosters. If Sly could manage to whack fifty chickens in one minute and thirty seconds, the ghost would give him a treasure key.

Sly began the challenge, dodging the roosters and attacking the chickens. After a minute and thirty seconds, Sly was victorious, and the ghost disappeared, dropping the key for Sly to steal.

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