Penelope: I'm too late! He's as good as dead!
Bentley: No, there's still a chance! Use your RC car. It should be fast enough to beat the lit fuse up the mountain. It's the only tool we've got to save Murray.
― After Murray is taken away by General Tsao's men[src]

"Down the Line" was a job for Murray and Penelope in "A Cold Alliance" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.

Background[edit | edit source]

Penelope and Murray discovered a box containing phone lines, which the gang could utilize to listen in to General Tsao's conversations.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Once Murray got into position, Penelope contacted him and directed him to the strongbox containing hardwire phone lines. If Murray could crack the lid open, she could come by and reroute the wires, and with some luck, they would be able to tap into Tsao's communications. Once Murray popped open the lid, he was knocked out by toxic gas that sprayed all over his face. This allowed him to be captured by Tsao's men, who strapped him to an explosive barrel and escorted him to the highest peak to be blown up, under Tsao's orders.

Murray, after being rescued

Penelope came rushing to Murray's position, only to find that she was too late. Bentley, however, assured her there was still time to save Murray by using her RC car to beat the lit fuse up the mountain. By pulling off some tough RC driving along the path full of crumbly rocks and black magic dragons, Penelope was able to get her car to Murray before the fuse. To stop the fuse for good, she rammed her car into the wall beside Murray to drop an icicle, which fell directly onto the fuse, putting it out. Safe from exploding death, Murray was grateful for the heroic actions of the little RC car, even considering it a friend for life and offering it a ride in his van.

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