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Inconceivable! She's no health care professional! Why, that's the most heinous crime I've ever heard of! Putting inmates into hypnosis, so they'll tell her where they've stashed their loot. It dishonors both law enforcement and thieves at the same time!
― Bentley, after learning what The Contessa does to her inmates[src]

"Eavesdrop on Contessa" was a job for Bentley in "Jailbreak" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Bentley must eavesdrop on the Contessa to find out where she has locked up Sly and Murray.


Use the sleepdarts in conjunction with the parabolic dish to snoop on the Contessa.
― In-game description[src]

When Bentley arrives at the Contessa's prison, he will need to gather some intelligence from the Contessa that might help him find out the location of Sly Cooper and Murray. To do this, he must position himself on top of a parabolic dish that will allow him to see the Contessa on the prison wall. The feathers on Bentley's sleep darts vibrate near sounds, which will allow him to listen in on whatever the Contessa says from his current position.

When Bentley tags her the first time, the Contessa comments on how the Klaww Gang is falling apart and the disruption of spice shipments. The next time she is tagged, she comments on how Interpol is sending her criminals and she is still making money. She then reveals her scheme to hypnotize criminals into revealing the location of their fortune. The third time she is tagged, she comments on Murray and how easy it will be to hypnotize him. Then, after being tagged the final time, she comments on Sly having such a complex and rebellious mind and how she is going hypnotize him once the reality of his captivity sets in. Bentley then comes to the conclusion that she is NO healthcare professional and is disgusted by how heinous her crime is. He goes on to find a way to break Sly out of "the hole."


  • This is one of three missions where Bentley speaks alone to himself while on the binocucom.