El Jefe's fortress was a palace near a Japanese village that was taken over by El Jefe, who made it his base of operations. Here he began constructing a 1,000 foot tall giant statue of himself. It appears in Turning Japanese of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


El Jefe was hired by Cyrille Le Paradox to time travel to 1603 AD in order to steal the cane of Rioichi Cooper.[1]

Bentley found out about the fortress when he was tailing El Jefe with his RC car.[2] The Cooper Gang needed to gain access to the fort to find out what El Jefe was up to. The gang, along with Rioichi, stormed the fort to confront him. El Jefe, however, managed to snag Rioichi's cane. It was up to Sly Cooper to steal it back from him.

Sly had to climb up to some pretty high altitudes to catch the tiger. It was there that he got a view of his large stature of himself, which El Jefe like to brag about.[3] After the defeat of El Jefe, the fortress and statue was left abandoned.


  • On the game's map, El Jefe's fortress is called "Emperor's Palace"
    • The name of the area where Sly and El Jefe fight is called "Face to Face"


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