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Bentley Turtle is the secondary protagonist of the upcoming film, Sly Cooper. He is a male box turtle with green skin and green eyes. He is best friends and partners in crime with Sly Cooper and Murray Hippo.

Bentley will appear in the upcoming film, Sly Cooper and is voiced by Matt Olsen.


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Physical appearanceEdit

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Bentley is a box turtle. He wears a blue and purple sweater with a white T-shirt underneath, blue gloves and glasses. In the trailer, he dons a pith helmet that is similar to the one from Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, except with a button of the Cooper emblem, a rotating satellite dish and a pencil pouch on it. But, in the concept art, he wears a black motorcycle helmet with a big red star.


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Bentley is a knowledgeable genius who is a loyal friend of Sly and Murray. He can be concerning, timid, nervous, uptight and more realistic than optimistic during stressful situations.


Unlike his game counterpart, Bentley is able to drive the team van at the beginning of the story. He is also a genius.

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