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Murray Hippo is the tritagonist of the upcoming film, Sly Cooper. He is a male hippopotamus with pink skin and brown eyes. He is best friends and partners in crime with Sly Cooper and Bentley Turtle.

Murray will appear in the upcoming film, Sly Cooper, and is voiced by Chris Murphy.


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Physical appearanceEdit

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Murray is a hippopotamus. His film appearance differs from his look in the game series. He wears a blue luchador mask, a white tank top with red collars, red track pants with white stripes and blue belt, red fingerless gloves and blue sneakers.


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Murray is a strong, muscular tough guy with an enormous appetite. He has a health problem of suffering intense hunger when skipping his afternoon fruit. He also likes to pose in tough guy-like appearances that involves showing his muscles.


Murray Hippo is the strongman of the group.


When the film's trailer was released, many fans voiced dislike with Murray's design. The official twitter for the film has said that he is being tweaked[1] and that they appreciate the fans' view.[2]


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