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Murray: I can't make heads or tails of this coin! Ha-ha! Get it?
Belgian: ...
Murray: It's totally funny because like, when you flip a coin it comes out either heads or tails... Come on, man, that's comic gold!
Belgian: ...
― Trying to make the Belgian laugh[src]

"Frame Team Belgium" was a job for the Cooper Gang in "Flight of Fancy" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


In order to recruit Penelope as their dedicated RC specialist, the Cooper Gang had to defeat her boss, the Black Baron, in the ACES competition. After stealing the flight roster for the competition,[1] the gang found out that their first match would be against Team Belgium and Team Iceland in a semifinal round. In order to stand a chance of advancing to the finals with only one plane, the gang realized that they would need to make their opponents target each other exclusively. To this end, Bentley cooked up a plan to frame Team Belgium for a crime against Team Iceland.


Sly Cooper and Murray took up position outside the hotel for the mission briefing. Bentley told Sly about an armored supply truck driving around town, explaining that the truck was en route to drop off Team Iceland's lucky ice sculpture for the semifinals. Bentley gave the driver some bad directions as a way to stall the drop-off for the purpose of the mission. Bentley explained that Sly would need to get inside the truck, steal the ice sculpture, and plant some evidence that would implicate Team Belgium for the theft. Bentley decided that the evidence would come in the form of one of Team Belgium's gold lace monogrammed handkerchiefs. But first, they would need to acquire one of these handkerchiefs.

Murray went inside the hotel lobby and worked to get a Belgian pilot laughing hard enough that he would stop paying attention to his surroundings. Seeing as how the Belgians were notorious for their emotionless nature, that was no easy task. Murray eventually managed to get the pilot to laugh by shoving his fist down his throat, getting it stuck in the process. Bentley, who was waiting nearby, then moved in to pickpocket the handkerchief off of the pilot while he was laughing. Once done, Bentley went outside and made sure the Guru was in position outside.

The Guru's task was to break open the back doors to the supply truck by hijacking and ramming guards into it. Once he successfully hit the truck once, the truck started dropping traps along the path, forcing the Guru to be more cautious with later hits. After four successful hits, the top of the truck blew wide open, although the back doors were still sturdy. Bentley realized that this wouldn't complicate the mission.

Bentley handed the handkerchief to Sly. Sly then made his way to the truck, jumping in through the roof, where he came across a safe. With Bentley warning Sly that the driver started to realize where the hotel was, Sly hurried up and cracked the safe. He then swapped the ice sculpture with the handkerchief, effectively framing Team Belgium for the theft. Before the semifinals started, the Icelanders saw the Belgian handkerchief replacing their stolen ice sculpture and decided to focus their attention on Team Belgium, giving Sly the chance to get the upset victory over both teams.


  • The flashlight guards do not appear in this mission, so the Guru cannot ride them here.
  • Despite Bentley stating that time was running out for the theft after Sly entered the truck, nothing will happen if he takes too long to open the safe.