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Looks like hard-partying Team Iceland has already gone to sleep. Time to "borrow" one of their Viking helmets.
― Bentley announcing the plan to frame Team Iceland[src]

"Frame Team Iceland" was a job for Murray and Sly Cooper in "Flight of Fancy" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. It introduced boat rowing for Murray.


After stealing the ACES flight roster,[1] Team Cooper found out that their first match would be against Team Iceland and Team Belgium in an upcoming semifinal round. In order to stand a chance of advancing to the finals with only one plane, the gang would need to make their opponents target each other exclusively. To this end, Bentley cooked up a plan to frame Team Iceland for a crime against Team Belgium.


After Team Iceland fell asleep, Bentley had Sly and Murray get into position near a manhole just outside the hotel, explaining that they were about to steal one of Team Iceland's Viking helmets. Before the mission went underway, Murray questioned his role in the mission, given that Sly could easily pick the lock to Iceland's door and steal the helmet. Bentley explained that this was a delicate business, as they were framing Iceland for a crime they were not responsible for; if there was any evidence of tampering with Iceland's hotel door, people might believe that they were being framed. Murray understood, commenting on Bentley's deviousness and inquiring about their point of entry.

Sly and Murray about to row out of the sewers

Fortunately, Bentley pointed out that the underground sewer pipes would lead them to the hotel ventilation systems. However, they were under some security, as other teams used them in years past for sabotage. Sly obtained a raft for Murray and him to use, and the two of them rowed the boat through the security-ridden sewers until they came across a dock that led to the air vent leading into Team Iceland's room. Sly hopped off the raft and made his way to the vent, while Murray stayed behind and kept the raft safe. Once inside, Sly silently slipped past the sleeping Icelanders and their burglar alarms, grabbed the Viking helmet, and made his way back to Murray and the raft. Murray explained that they had to escape through another tunnel, as the valve gates changed positions while Sly was gone.

"The Murray" is, and always has been, FINESSE!

Once they made it back out, Sly handed the helmet to Murray and complimented him on his finesse in rowing the boat. Murray then made his way over to Team Belgium's hangar, where he had to sabotage their prize plane. Before leaving, Murray then planted the Viking helmet inside the plane, making it appear as if Iceland sabotaged Belgium's plane and rubbed it in. Before the semifinals started, the Belgians saw this and decided to focus their attention on Iceland, giving Sly a chance to get the upset victory over both teams.