Who needs friends when you can have servants? Who needs affection when you can have obedience? Ah, why try to convince you when I can simply destroy you.
— Tsao to Sly after their first encounter

General Tsao is a rooster and self-appointed leader of a village in the Kunlun Mountains in China. He was the main antagonist of A Cold Alliance of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. He is obsessed with his family line, believing that it is superior to any others. He wishes to force the Panda King's daughter, Jing King, to marry him in order to create an even stronger lineage. In combat, Tsao uses both his skill with his bladed shield and his mastery over dark magic to defeat his foes.

He was voiced by Leo Chin.



Little is known of Tsao except that he came from a long line of vile warriors who presumably had some sort of vendetta against, or at least knowledge of, the Cooper Clan.[1]

Sly 3: Honor Among ThievesEdit

When the gang arrived in China to recruit the Panda King to their cause, they were tasked with rescuing his daughter, Jing King, from an unwanted forced marriage to Tsao in order to gain his loyalty. The gang realized that the wedding date was only on the next Saturday, and they didn't have much time.

After attempting to fool Tsao as part of their operation, he caught them off-guard and entered their safe house, stealing the ThiefNet laptop in the process. Tsao then lured Sly Cooper into a sacred battle ground where his ancestors had fought off many opponents in the past and the power that was released from them remained in the area (which allowed the combatants the ability of flight). The two fought one another with Sly emerging victorious, but Tsao managed to escape, giving the laptop back in the process.

Despite seeming all knowledgeable on the gang's plans, Tsao seemed completely oblivious about the gang's operation and had no idea that Jing King had escaped whilst a certain cop, Inspector Carmelita Fox, had taken her place to arrest him shortly after, who had mistaken him for Sly thanks to a set-up by the gang. During the wedding, Carmelita tazed Tsao with her shock pistol and arrested him. Though she was disappointed she didn't capture Sly, she still took this opportunity to take Tsao to jail.

He is currently serving a prison sentence for letting undead praying mantis vampires run through the streets of the village. From what Sly heard, the locals were happy to see him go.


Physical appearanceEdit

General Tsao is a white-feathered rooster. He wears a purple gi with a golden plate on his torso. He has purple circles under his orange eyes, a yellow beak with a small black Fu Manchu. On his head is a purple and gold helmet with a large red feather and around his wrists are golden cuffs. His weapon of choice is a gold outlined shield with the Chinese word "prince" or "son of a king" (referring to his desire of marrying into the King bloodline) engraved in the middle.


Tsao is obsessed with his family line, believing it superior to all others. This leads him to seek a wife from a bloodline he considers worthy. He apparently respected the Panda King during his criminal years, and thus wanted to marry the King's daughter so that his children would have the lineage of both himself and the Panda King.

General Tsao is also known for being incredibly cruel, caring for nothing but himself (Bentley even quoted that Tsao had kicked a puppy, twice! Even Sly told Tsao that he's met some bad men in his life, but Tsao was considered the worst in his opinion.) He is also misogynistic, believing that as a woman, Jing King doesn't know up from down (during Feudal China it was a common belief that women were ignorant creatures). This implies that he has no respect for her, other than the prestige that his bloodline will gain by merging with the Panda King's.



Tsao is a powerful combatant, easily as strong and agile as Sly himself. In addition, he is a master of black magic. In battle, he used this to unleash streams of fireballs, send waves of zombie hands across the ground, and summon dragon spirits. He later used this magic to unleash an army of Jiang Shi vampires, and also to bring the dragon statue in his treasure temple to life, using it to attack the Cooper Gang. It is possible that Tsao's Black Magic may be part voodoo, making him similar to Mz Ruby and the Contessa in this regard.

General Tsao's main weapon is a shield marked with a yin-yang symbol. In battle, a spinning array of blades emerges from the rim of the shield, essentially turning it into a large buzzsaw. The shield is also the model for Tsao's master computer avatar, a computer program he set to guard his personal files.

Notably, Tsao is the only villain who Sly and the gang never brought down on their own, due to his resourcefulness and ability to plan ahead. While every other adversary they faced was eventually brought down or destroyed, then hauled off to jail by Carmelita, the gang was forced to flee and instead leave Tsao's capture up to Carmelita's trickery.



  • "General Tsao" is one of many alternate spellings of the popular Chinese dish, General Tso's Chicken.
    • His name is similar to a sword-bearing gorilla called "Tso" who worked for the Panda King in the first game.
  • Somewhat ironically (because of Tsao's misogynistic nature; believing women are ignorant), he is fooled and arrested by Carmelita, though she was fooled by Sly Cooper.
  • Tsao fits two definitions of the word "rooster"; he is an adult male chicken and he is a cocky, vain individual.
  • Tsao's shield, as well as the various banners around the Kunlun Mountains, read "王子" (wángzǐ) meaning "prince" or "son of a king," which he would have become if he married the Panda King's daughter.
  • Tsao is one of three birds that can't fly in the Sly Cooper series. The other two are Arpeggio and Captain LeFwee.
    • However, chickens can only fly very short distances.
  • General Tsao, along with his guards and the Stone Dragon, make up five-twelfths of the Chinese Zodiac. The rooster, the dragon, the pig, the monkey, and the tiger are all represented. The other members of the Chinese Zodiac are the sheep, the dog, the rat, the horse, the ox, the snake and the rabbit.
  • There is the possibility that Tsao might have known Sly Cooper and his ancestors before, even in feudal China due to him saying "the famous Sly Cooper" and "the Cooper family has been beaten by Tsao! Our legacy is superior!"
  • Tsao is most likely modeled after the Chinese general Cao Cao, since he shares his cruelty and resourcefulness. Additionally it is mentioned that Tsao is a general from the north, equally to Cao Cao, who conquered northern China.
  • In General Tsao's palace, there are statues of mandrills that were guards in the Panda King's level, and were also in the Panda King's stronghold.
  • General Tsao is the second villain to discover the safe house. The first was Jean Bison in Menace from the North, eh! of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.
  • It's unknown what General Tsao's criminal sentence was.
  • Where his title of "General" comes from is unknown.
  • He reuses sounds from the vulture guards in Prague when hit.