General Tsao's palace is a building located deep in the Kunlun Mountains, and was one of the most important locations in A Cold Alliance of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. It served as the main base of operations and residence of General Tsao.


The palace is surrounded by a large wall. It has several guards patrolling around it. It has a big entrance hall, with a considerable number of vases. The main division of the palace, which can be considered a large living room, is also a place with massive decorations such as vases, statues and furniture. Adjacent to the living room is the bridal chamber.


The palace was Jing King was held prisoner. She was held inside the bridal chamber next to the main room, and was denied the freedom to leave. It was the place Tsao was at most of the time.

Bentley was the first to enter the palace. They needed to gather some intel on Tsao's wedding. Therefore, he dressed up in a costume, in an attempt to be hired as Tsao's wedding planner. Sly Cooper entered the palace in a photographer disguise, trying to score the job as Tsao's wedding photographer.[1]

Bentley re-entered the palace after the gang learned that he stole their ThiefNet computer. Bentley had to hack his personal computer, which he kept hidden in one of the corners of the main room.[2]

During the Cooper Gang's big heist in China, Sly, the Panda King, and the Guru had a part that involved entering the palace. The Panda King and the Guru were tunneling beneath the palace to create an escape route for Jing King when they freed her. Sly, who was on the top side, had to protect the vases, which served as an ancient Chinese security technique to detect underground thieves. Due to the shaking created by the Panda King's fireworks, the vases would become unstable, and Sly had to prevent any of them from tipping over and tripping an alarm.

Another part of the plan was the get Carmelita Fox to take the bride's place by luring her into the palace. Bentley used the distraction device on his Grapple-Cam to lure her to the building's entrance, where she spotted Sly's calling card. Once inside, she spotted Sly dressing up as Tsao, as part of the secret plan. After overhearing what he said, she decided she's going to give Sly and his gang "a shotgun wedding they'll never forget." She then walked into the bridal chamber and took Jing King's place.[3]

Tsao had his wedding right there at the altar, where Carmelita revealed herself and zapped Tsao, thinking it was Sly. Though Carmelita was disappointed about this, she still took Tsao in due to his crimes. With his arrest, the palace was left abandoned.



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