Ghost rats (Rodentia undeadium) were enemies that Sly Cooper encountered in Haiti. These evil spirits were summoned by Mz. Ruby, who was attempting to create her own army of ghosts.


Ghost rats were transparent, dark blue specters with red eyes and oversized yellow teeth. Like normal rodents, they possessed a tail. Despite them being ghosts, they were tangible and could be hit by Sly's cane.

They appeared only in the presence of special gravestones, which acted as a generator of sorts for them. They would continue to spawn indefinitely until the stone was destroyed. One ghost rat was able to communicate with Bentley, seemingly retaining its intelligence. This particular ghost rat also enjoyed making chicken gumbo, but was afraid of the bomb toting roosters.


  • These are the only guards in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus that Sly can attack with his cane that don't yield any coins, most likely to prevent players from "farming" coins, given the ghost rats' potentially infinite numbers.