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Bentley: A-ha! A perfect feral specimen of Lupus gigantormus.
Sly: So let me get this straight again. You plan on stalking that thing, drugging it, putting the Guru on board and setting the two free to smash up the guards?
Bentley: An air-tight plan I agree, it's simplicity itself. By channeling the wild destruction housed in that blood thirsty creature, we should be able to thin out the Black Baron's ranks... which of course means fewer enemy pilots flying against you in the finals.
― Discussing the plan[src]

"Giant Wolf Massacre" was a job for Bentley and the Guru in "Flight of Fancy" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


To even the odds, the gang had to make use of a giant wolf to even the odds in the finals.


Bentley got a good feral specimen of Lupus gigantormus. He had filled his sleep darts with heavy doses of Skunk Balm, which was enough to pacify the beast. He just needed to make sure the wolf did not catch his scent first. Unfortunately, the darts required a close range of a few meters to work.

Once the wolf was put to sleep, it was now up to the Guru to ride the wolf and take down the Black Baron's pilots. Once he successfully took out fifteen pilots, the Guru seized possession of the wolf, and the wolf returned to its territory. With all of those pilots down and out for the count, the gang now stood a better chance of winning the finals.


  • If you wait long enough while tagging the wolf, it will eventually wander out of its territory and into the fields.
  • After the wolf is sedated by Bentley, if the Guru waits for a few moments before possessing it, the beast will wake from its slumber for a few seconds and sniff the ground around it before nodding back off.