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We contacted Dimitri for an update on the Thievius Raccoonus, and it looked like "Tennessee Kid" Cooper needed our help next. That meant we needed to travel back to the 1880s.
― Sly, during the episode's introduction[src]

"Go West Young Raccoon" is the second episode of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. It takes place in Cotton Mouth Bluff, 1884 AD, and the main antagonist is Sheriff Toothpick.



In Feudal Japan, the Cooper Gang managed to defeat El Jefe and arranged for him to be arrested in the present, but they failed to stop Rioichi Cooper's cane from being stolen by El Jefe's mysterious boss, noting that whoever the mastermind was had enough power to own a personal private army. After receiving an update on the state of the Thievius Raccoonus from Dimitri Lousteau, the gang realized that they needed to help Sly's Old Wist Western ancestor, "Tennessee Kid" Cooper. Using the sheriff's badge that one of the evil mastermind's rat trooper guards dropped while retrieving Rioichi's cane,[1] the gang traveled back to the Wild West of 1884.

Arriving in Cotton Mouth Bluff, the gang discovered that Tennessee was currently in prison, having been arrested by Sheriff Toothpick, who celebrated by posting numerous posters of himself around town. After assessing the dilemma they were in, Bentley realized that their best chance at breaking out Tennessee was from the inside of the prison, requiring Sly to willingly get himself arrested. The gang prepared to break Tennessee out of prison and stop Toothpick.


Job name Completed by
"Under Arrest" Sly
Sly needs to get himself arrested in order to free Tennessee.
"Jailhouse Blues" Bentley, Sly
Sly must find a way to escape the prison.
"Cooper for Hire" Bentley, Murray, Tennessee
Tennessee needs to reclaim his firearms.
"Saloon Bug" Bentley, Sly
Bentley needs to plant a bug in Toothpick's office.
"Blind Date" Tennessee
Tennessee needs to follow a runaway wagon to rescue Carmelita.
"Jail Break" Tennessee, Carmelita
Tennessee and Carmelita heads to the prison to free Sly, Bentley and Murray.
"Grand Key Larceny" Murray, Sly, Carmelita
Murray, Sly and Carmelita compete in challenges to win three keys for Bentley.
"Operation: Gold Digger" Cooper Gang
Reclaim the gold and take down Toothpick.


Sly defeats Toothpick, who gets stranded in the Wild West. However, the van doesn't function properly, and they end up falling off of a cliff. In an act of desperation, Bentley saves their lives by grabbing Murray's Australian fossil necklace and throws it into the time machine. Everyone holds on tight as the van gets sucked through the wormhole. They eventually end up in Gungathal Valley in a prehistoric time period.


Trophy RiseAndShine.png
Sly! Come in! Sly! Do you read me?
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After collecting all 30 Clue bottles throughout town, crack the hidden safe, and you will receive Muggshot's Coin.


  • The name of the episode is word play on the famous saying from John Babsone Lane Soule, "Go west young man, and grow up with the country," which concerned the then-relevant Manifest Destiny.
  • In the ending cutscene of "Turning Japanese," when Bentley puts the sheriff's badge in the time machine, it erroneously says the year they are traveling to is 1883, while the episode actually takes place in 1884.
  • If the player returns to Japan right after finishing the missions "Under Arrest" or "Blind Date," the current imprisoned gang members will not travel to the level, requiring them to be rescued to be playable again. This will make Bentley, Murray, and Rioichi the only playable characters right after "Under Arrest," while making Carmelita and Rioichi the only playable characters right after "Blind Date."
  • While Sly notes that he would have to let himself get captured for the first time in his career to save Tennessee, this is actually the second time. He previously surrendered to Carmelita when their temporary truce to take down Clock-La ended, on the condition that Bentley and Murray could walk free.[2]
  • The last mission has similarities to Back to the Future Part III, as it involves a time machine and a train.
  • Tennessee is shown with his gun at the end of the second animated cutscene, despite Toothpick having taken it from him.


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