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Ah, the humble recon photo, the unsung hero of many a caper.
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The Grapple-Cam is a power-up in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves for Bentley. It becomes available for purchase for 400 coins on day two of "Flight of Fancy."


The Grapple-Cam is a remote-controlled bomb which is able to grapple from one place to another with ease. As with his regular bombs, it can cling onto any surface. By pressing the assigned button (l1, l2 or r2), Bentley will prepare the device in his hand. Pressing the button again will throw the device. Pressing the button once more will allow Bentley to view from the Grapple-Cam's built-in camera via wireless connection by looking through his binocucom. Its small size makes it versatile for navigating through heavily guarded areas and can slip through laser walls with ease. The Grapple-Cam's usage does not drain any energy from the Gadget Meter. If an enemy sees the Grapple-Cam, they will attack it even when not provoked by a taunt.


Button Command
x Fire the grappling hook
square Self-destruct
circle Taunt/insult
triangle Exit view
r1 Fire turret (only after "Dynamic Duo" in Episode 5)


Grappling Hook: The Grapple-Cam's only mode of transportation. It is used to grab onto surfaces and pull itself towards them. It can also be used to attack enemies and break objects. If the grappling hook hits Bentley, he will take damage.

Distract: The Grapple-Cam is able to lure and distract guards through a speaker Bentley uses as one of its primary functions, allowing him to divert their attention by reciting insults or puns. This causes guards to dash near the Grapple-Cam's location, provided that the guards are within hearing range. Insults include:

  • "Yo Mama!"
  • "Eat dirt!"
  • "Hey, you, unattractive person!"
  • "Up your nose, with a rubber hose!"[note 1]
  • "You will never find me!"
  • "Bawk, bawk, bawk, ba-kawk!"
  • "Aloha, idiot!"
  • "Hey, fatty!"
  • "You're a bad person! I mean it!"
  • "Follow the sound of my voice!"
  • "Yo, ugly!"
  • "Come over to this position!"
  • "Over here!"
  • "I'm yelling at you!"
  • "Hey pay attention to me!"
  • "I'm right here!"
  • "You, with the low self esteem!"

During the job "Dynamic Duo," Bentley will mimic bird noises in place of the standard insults he uses while escorting Penelope; the guards will pay no attention to the sounds, while Penelope will walk towards them.

Self-destruct: As with many of Bentley's other power-ups, only one Grapple-Cam can be active at a time. If Bentley needs to reset the Grapple-Cam's position, he can manually detonate it so that he can deploy another one. The Grapple-Cam will automatically self-destruct if it runs out of health via enemy attacks, hazards, or if it falls into bottomless pits or water; it will also detonate if Bentley himself attacks it. While not its intended use, Bentley can throw the Grapple-Cam towards the enemy's line of sight, which will provoke them to attack it, causing it to explode, dealing damage to them. Detonating the Grapple-Cam can also be used as a way to defeat enemies similarly to Trigger Bombs, but much like his regular bombs, if Bentley gets hit with the explosion, he will take heavy damage.

Alarm: If Bentley himself gets spotted by any enemies while viewing through the Grapple-Cam, a red ring around the cam's health meter will flash red, notifying him that he is in danger.

Turret: In order to guide Penelope back safely to the safe house during the job "Dynamic Duo," Bentley upgrades his Grapple-Cam by installing the turret from her RC car onto it. This significantly improves its offensive capabilities. He uses it to destroy obstacles and eliminate guards. He makes use of this upgrade again during the job "Stand Your Ground" to take out Dr. M's reinforcements. Unlike the RC Car, the turret does not have a temperature gauge, nor require any cool-down. Bentley can take damage from the Grapple-Cam's bullets.


  • While in Grapple-Cam view, the music will change to a more relaxed theme.
  • If Bentley returns to the safe house while the Grapple-Cam is still active on the field, it will not despawn, even when the player switches to Sly or Murray.
  • If the Grapple-Cam has not yet been purchased during the job "Dynamic Duo" (because of the level skip cheat), Bentley will still trigger one. It cannot be destroyed without causing the mission to fail, which also means the player will not get stuck, even if the gadget has not been purchased yet.


  1. This is a reference to the 1970s TV show Welcome Back, Kotter.