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You weren't kidding about the security in this place. Hope your Grapple-Cam can lure a guard onto that pressure plate, otherwise you're never getting into that upper level.
― Sly to Bentley inside Tsao's business room

"Grapple-Cam Break-In" was a job for Bentley and Sly Cooper in "A Cold Alliance" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Bentley needs to get inside General Tsao's center of business in order to hack into its computer to get access to the purchase records for the upcoming wedding of Tsao and Jing King.

The building however, is protected with a special double padlock. The keys have a self-destruct mechanism and the guards carrying them are in a constant radio contact, meaning Sly and Bentley must steal both keys almost simultaneously.

Sly gets in position behind the second guard, while Bentley pickpockets the key from the first. After Bentley successfully pulls out the key, Sly pulls out the other before the guards call in. The duo meets up at General Tsao's statue and Sly give Bentley his key.

Bentley breaks into Tsao's business center with the keys and uses his grapple-cam to lure local guards into pressure plates to get past the security. Upon doing this, Bentley proceeds to the upper level, hacks into the computer and gets access to the purchase records. Mission complete.