The Grizz's fortress was a massive fortress owned by the Grizz and located in Gungathal Valley in the year 10,000 BC. It appeared in Clan of the Cave Raccoon of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


When the Grizz was hired by Cyrille Le Paradox to time travel to Gungathal Valley in 10,000 BC to steal Bob Cooper's cane, he built himself a fortress in the valley, to serve as his main base of operations. Here, he plotted to create cave paintings in the past, only to dig them up in the present day to become famous again.


The fortress consisted of a number of locations, including:

Lair of the BearEdit

Lair of the Bear was a part of the fortress that served as the Grizz's home and where Bob Cooper was imprisoned. Sly explores this area in Unexpected Ties through a crack in the wall of Grizz's lair. Here, Sly obtains the Sabertooth Costume and rescues Bob from the Grizz. This area has a large, snowy wilderness, tar pits, and a lake of lava. In the middle of the lake, there is a small piece of land surrounded by five pedestals. Bob Cooper was restrained there by a net supported by the pedestals. There are also several structures made out of wood surrounding this area, including bridges. Just above the lava lake, Grizz has his own bedroom in the side of an icy mountain. It can accessed by a gate that bears the image of Grizz himself. Grizz's bedroom has an icy floor with rocks and snow. It contains easel's made out of wood and bones, paintings of Grizz, paintbrushes, a fire, animal skins, and a purple bed with yellow stripes and circles. There is also a pathway that leads to a cage, made out of wood and bones, standing over a pit of tar. Inside of the cage are two dodo guards, who were fighting each other for some reason.

Frostbite PeakEdit

Frostbite Peak was located high in a snowy mountain overlooking the valley. Bob visited this area in Going Up to find the Cooper Gang's missing temporal sprocket. It was home to a prehistoric species called "Ice Beetles", that were similar in nature to the scorpions of the Arabian city, and a group of pterodactyls that Grizz captured. A series of pipes were wrapped around the mountain. These pipes helped transport all of the stolen pterodactyl eggs to the lower areas of Grizz's fortress. Grizz also added wooden spike traps on the side of the mountain as a form of security and wooden cages. There also five pterodactyl nests located on the side of the mountain with two dodo guards patrolling. The player could also see pterodactyl eggs being moved down a conveyor belt. When Bob obtained the temporal sprocket in one of these nests, a mother pterodactyl took it and carried Bob to another side of the mountain, forcing him to ascend higher. On that side of the mountain were a group of baby pterodactyls sleeping in nests. If Bob were to wake up these babies, they would cry, which would alert their mother, who would then attack Bob. Pipes, cages, and wooden spikes covered this side of the mountain as well, but there were also vents on the ice that regularly expelled freezing air. At the very top of the mountain, there was a statue of Grizz which the mother pterodactyl made a nest on.

Cold Storage CavernsEdit

The Cold Storage Caverns was where the Grizz would plant the paintings for his prehistoric art scam and the next place the stolen pterodactyl eggs would go. Bentley visited this area in "Ice Ice Bentley," so he could tag the Grizz with a homing dart, and follow him back to lair. The area is made up of a system of icy caves and long tunnels. In these tunnels, eggs would roll down them until they reached the Purple Paw Paint Factory (a.k.a. Grizz's mountain base). When Bentley travels through these egg tunnels, he can avoid taking damage by taking cover in the gaps of the ice. The caves are large in size. Most of them are home to Ice Beetles, contain mushrooms, and are lit by torches. The cave walls had been painted by Grizz himself.

Purple Paw Paint FactoryEdit

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Lair of the BearEdit

Frostbite PeakEdit

Cold Storage CavernsEdit


  • In the Gungathal Valley hub world, a perceptive player can see that the pipe Bob used to get to Frostbite Peak, shoots out pterodactyl eggs into another pipe that is near the entrance to the Cold Storage Caverns.
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