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"Hackathon" is a two-player mini-game exclusive to Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves where the players must hack into ThiefNet. There are six levels, each with increasingly difficult enemies until the final level, which has a large skull-boss, similar to General Tsao's defense avatar.



Unlike the other mini-games, Hackathon is a co-op game, where you hack through various levels by defeating beasts and other security while losing as little health as possible. Bentley is Player 1 while Sly is Player 2, unless Penelope has been unlocked (if so, Penelope will be Player 2). Once a level is complete, you go into a docking station, where you will go to the next level. Each player has a health bar, and both players share 20 lives; once all the lives are gone and you lose the last of your health, it's game over.


There are asterisk-shaped power-ups in each level that occasionally appear. Here is a description of them:

  • Double or triple shooter (if the player already has double, they will be awarded with a triple shooter)
  • Shield
  • Laser that connects the two players
  • Arrows surrounding the players, if one shoots the other, it will create a wave that kills enemies
  • Clear the screen of enemies
  • Each player controls a turret on both avatars


Points are awarded based on both players' performance. The points are for various achievements, such as completing a level, beating enemies, a time bonus at the end of the game and whether or not either player didn't die on a given level. At the end of the game, regardless of whether Hackathon was beaten, the total points are shown and compared to the current high score, which starts at zero and is replaced with every new high score. Possible bonuses at the end of each level consist of the following:

  • Passive Bonus: 10,000 Points for not firing your gun
  • Accuracy Bonus: 2500 Points Only available if both players have fired their guns
  • No Power-ups Used: 2000 Starting On Board 1 with an additional 1000 points for each subsequent Level up to a maximum of 7000 Points
  • Time Bonus: Ranges from 500-9500 Points depending on the speed a level is completed
  • No Death Bonus: 2000 Starting On Board 1 with an additional 1000 points for each subsequent Level up to a maximum of 7000 Points.
  • Board Complete: 500 Points Per Circuit Board (Level) Completed
  • Challenge Complete: 5000 Points For Completing All 6 Boards

Note: Only One of the players has to achieve one of the above Bonuses each level to gain the bonus e.g if one player dies but the other survives then the No Death Bonus is still gained for the overall score.