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Haiti is a country in the Caribbean islands of North America that served as the location of "Vicious Voodoo" of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. It is known for its jungles that served as Mz. Ruby's residence, and it was where she established her main base of operations. According to her, the jungle provided the perfect mojo for her schemes. She planned to dump thousands of bones into the sea, and with her magic, use them to create an army of ghosts to take over all of Mexico.[1]


Sly sliding into Mz. Ruby's lair

The Cooper Gang went to Haiti to track down Mz. Ruby. After learning the Rail Walk and Rail Slide from "Tennessee Kid" Cooper's section of the Thievius Raccoonus, Sly Cooper used it to help him navigate the jungle. By entering Mz. Ruby's lair, Sly and Bentley caught sight of her skull temple, which was where Mz. Ruby was hiding out. All the while, the gang learned of her schemes to produce an army of ghosts to take over Mexico.

As Sly was collecting treasure keys to access the ghost production facility, he encountered a large swamp beast that Mz. Ruby apparently kept locked within its own lair, to keep it from escaping. By temporarily freeing the beast from its lair, Sly got the creature to break down the gate to the other half of the lair, allowing him to finish the mission. After obtaining enough keys, Sly was able to use a pressurized lid, sitting in the center of a voodoo egg beater, to launch himself up to Mz. Ruby's skull temple, where defeated her in a showdown of voodoo Simon Says.



Mz. Ruby's lair

The Haitian jungle is filled with statues, creatures and locations that would reflect Mz. Ruby's voodoo vibe. Vines and roots are one of the many things that make up the jungle, plus they provided the perfect opportunity for Sly's Rail Walk and Rail Slide technique. Hundreds of trees surround the paths through the jungle. Enemies consist mostly of insects like mosquitoes and spiders, as well as ghost rats created by Mz. Ruby. Others include water rats and swamp monsters.

The Beast's lair[]

The Beast dwells within a large, swampy area that contains only insect creatures, as well as branches and lily pads. The path leading into the lair is blocked by a large voodoo gate used to keep the creature from escaping. Candles can also be seen on vines, as well as in small areas that sit beside the main path.

Piranha Lake[]

Piranha Lake

This was a large circular lake home to many purple piranhas that Sly had to use as fuel for a swamp skiff's flamethrower.[2] The swamps contains several small patches of lands with tiki torches on them, while some are placed along the wall. There are a total of 25 tiki torches in total. The lair circles halfway around a higher swamp section that is accessed through a voodoo gate that would only open if all 25 tiki torches.

Ghost production facility[]

Mz. Ruby's swamp acted as a giant ghost production facility for her and potentially the Fiendish Five's use,[3] extending deep under the swamp[4] and to all of the swamp's waters.[5][6]

Voodoo egg beater

In the center of the swamp is a giant "voodoo egg beater,"[1] used to stir up the surrounding waters and somehow produce ghost rats and other undead. Around this vat stand several guards and a ring of large masks that circle the cauldron. The cauldron is highly pressurized, which allowed Sly to launch himself up to Mz. Ruby's skull temple.

Located nearby is a chicken coop, in which Sly had to kill fifty small, white chickens to obtain a key. The place was filled with hay and loose feathers, which Bentley complained about. Several sacks of hay are placed within the room. Lined along the walls are holes in which the chickens and bomb toting roosters would come out.

Skull temple[]

Mz. Ruby's skull temple was where she directed all ghost production operations. Shaped like a giant alligator skull, it towers above the jungle, making it easy to see from almost every area. Inside the skull temple are many smaller chicken coops and torches. The jaws of the temple are able to open and close rhythmically, which was used as an attempt to prevent Sly from attacking Mz. Ruby.


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  2. The swamp is one of the locations shown as one of the paintings in Octavio's coffee houses in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


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