"Hard Target" was a job for Sir Galleth Cooper and Sly Cooper in "Of Mice and Mechs" of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Sly remarked that Penelope needed to be taken down because of her treachery and for hurting Bentley emotionally. Galleth agreed, and said that the only way was to storm the castle. He told Sly of a way to create very explosive items that could be used to break through the castle walls. The items required two supplies to be made: fire bulbs and Merlin's Magic Powder. Galleth and Sly parted ways to go collect these supplies.

Galleth found the fire bulbs high up in various trees and used his Catapult Crash technique to reach them. While Galleth was dong his part, Sly made his way to the carnival, where he found the archery game. He participated in the game, and did well enough to procure a bottle of Merlin's Magic Powder. With the sufficient amount of both supplies having been gathered, the explosives could be crafted.

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