The Hazard Room is a high-tech training room used by the Cooper Gang. It can be accessed through the episode menu or if the game indicates new challenges are available.


Sly CooperEdit

Sly Cooper has five courses:


Bentley has one course:

  • Bentley's Special Moves - Teaches the player use TriangleButton to drop bombs and to bring up the dart gun with the R3 button and then using R1Button to shoot guards to put them to sleep. Also teaches pickpocketing with the PPP which is linked to L1Button by default.


Murray has one course:

  • Murray's Special Moves - Teaches the player how to pick up by pressing CircleButton and throwing objects and flashlight guards after uppercutting them with SquareButton. Also teaches pickpocketing with CircleButton while carrying guards and pressing TriangleButton, followed by CircleButton to pick up the small guards when in combat, also teaches you to use the Thunder Flop by jumping and pressing SquareButton.


  • Early versions of Sly 3 had this area named "Playground."
  • The name "Hazard Room" is likely a parody of "Danger Room," the training room used by the X-Men.
  • In Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, a remixed version of the music that plays in the Hazard Room is featured in Bentley's Chalk Talks.

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