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What a low-tech guy like Jean Bison is doing with robot parts is a mystery. I almost don't want to know. But as always, it's only a matter of time before I find out.
― Sly, on Jean Bison using multiple Clockwerk parts[src]

"He Who Tames the Iron Horse" is the sixth episode in Sly 2: Band of Thieves. It takes place in Nunavut Bay, Canada, and the main antagonist is Jean Bison. The Cooper Gang's main target is his Iron Horse trains.


The Setup[]

Following the latest Klaww Gang spice shipments, the gang makes their way to Nunavut Bay, Canada; the secrect hub of Jean Bison's shipping empire. It was revealed as a young man, Jean traveled to Canada to strike it rich during the Gold Rush of 1852. A reckless prospector, he took some chances and ended up buried alive in an avalanche.

The quick freeze miraculously kept Bison alive and 120 years later, he thawed out... because of global warning. A product of Bison's time, he dreamed of taming the "Wild North" by damming every river and using an axe to chop down all the trees. Shipping spice for the Klaww Gang proved a lucrative way to bankroll Bison's one man war against nature and yet, Sly almost felt sorry for Bison. He's just a guy from the 1850s. He'd be a hero back in his day, but he's a villain in modern times. Sly said that either way, Bison had more than his fair share of the Clockwerk parts. Sly wondered what would a low-tech guy like Jean Bison do with robot parts. Sly didn't want to know, but it'll be a matter of time before he found out as always.


Job name Completed by
"Cabin Crimes" Sly Cooper
Find out what's going on with the usual reconnaissance mission.
"Spice in the Sky" Sly
Skydive onto the trains (after getting spice) to destroy the locks on the cabooses.
"A Friend in Need" Sly
Murray has been captured by Carmelita and Sly must rescue him!
"Ride the Iron Horse" Bentley
Steal the first Clockwerk Lung in a train robbery.
"Aerial Assault" Bentley, Sly
Take over the train using the RC chopper.
"Bear Cub Kidnapping" Murray
Kidnap a bear cub and awaken an angry mom!
"Theft on the Rails" Sly
Recover the other Clockwerk Lung in an old fashion train robbery.
"Operation: "Choo-Choo"" Murray, Sly, Bentley
It's time to recover the stomach, but there's a big problem - Neyla is back!

The Getaway[]

With the successful outcome of the heist, all 3 of Jean Bison's Clockwerk parts now belonged to the Cooper Gang. In addition, they managed to put Jean's 3 Iron Horse trains out of commission and shut down spice distribution across North America. Needless to say, the Cooper gang were pleased with themselves.

Unfortunately, Carmelita had to evade the police again. Which was fun at first for Sly, but starting to feel sorry for her. Sly wondered what if they replaced Carmelita with somebody else. Sly didn't want another police person chasing him, he states that Carmelita is the reason why the capers are so much fun. Sly realized that he has to find a way to clear Carmelita's name sooner or later, besides turning himself in.



The vault in this episode is opened with 1-2-9, and gives you the Music Box which causes guards to fall asleep for a short period of time.


Trophy RiseAndShine.png
Sly! Come in! Sly! Do you read me?
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  • The end credits for the game ends with the theme music for this level.
  • This is the first and only level in the game in which the music for the inside is heard when you're outside (during the train missions).
  • This is the first level to take place in the daytime.
  • Bentley has Iron Horse 2 and 3 mixed up in his slideshows because in the second slideshow, when he goes over the plan to rob Iron Horse 2, it is Iron Horse 3 that he is showing. In the final slideshow, when he goes over the heist, it is Iron Horse 2 that he is showing. Not to mention that the handcar is also on the same route as Iron Horse 2.
  • When Sly has to hop onto Iron Horse 2, the train moves in the opposite direction it normally moves in.
  • When watching the trains move through the main hub, you can see that there are no links between the train cars, making it look like they are moving on their own.
  • When not on a job, the trains can be interacted with. While in the hub, the trains aren't much larger in height and width than the Cooper Van, whereas when inside of them, they are much larger.
  • In the Getaway cutscene, Neyla's shorts have belt loops despite never being seen in-game or other cutscenes.