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Capture guards and extract medicine from them.
― In-game description[src]

The Health Extractor was a purchasable power-up used by Bentley in Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. It is used to extract health from guards.


When using this power-up, Bentley will prepare a cube-shaped device to be thrown. Pressing the assigned button will make him throw the device, consuming energy from the Gadget Meter (one-fifth of the meter in Sly 2, one-twentieth of the meter in Sly 3). Pressing the button again will activate the device. The Health Extractor will stay on the ground until it is used, or if Bentley attacks it or moves too far away from the device, causing it to break. While activating the Health Extractor device itself does not consume energy from the Gadget Meter, it cannot be activated if Bentley's Gadget Meter does not have enough energy (less than one-fifth of energy in Sly 2, completely empty in Sly 3).

Upon activation, if a guard is near the Health Extractor, a vortex will come out of the top, pulling the guard in. It will spin them around and shrink them down, before the device disappears while potentially releasing a health item; a health item will not always drop in Sly 2, but will in Sly 3. If more than one guard is near the Health Extractor at the time it is activated, the closest guard is the one that will be pulled in. Nearby guards will hear any guards that are caught in the device, but they cannot stop them from being sucked into it. The Health Extractor can also be used as a tool of diversion in this way.

If used without any enemies in range, it will activate briefly before popping.


  • As Health Extractor defeats enemies in one hit, it can serve as an alternative to Bentley's standard method of stealthily defeating enemies (shooting sleep darts at guards, then dropping a bomb on them) since Health Extractor draws attention towards the device while shooting sleep darts will draw attention towards Bentley himself upon firing the dart.
  • If Bentley activates Health Extractor on a guard before the device hits the ground, it will roll around as the guard is being sucked in.