"Heavy Metal Meltdown" was a job for Bentley and Salim al-Kupar in 40 Thieves of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


Bentley and Salim work together to plant a bug in Miss Decibel's office.


Bentley and Salim break into Miss Decibel's office with the intention of planting a bug to listen in on conversations between her and Le Paradox. With her present in the room, Bentley entrusts Salim with transmitters that will blast the one thing Miss Decibel hates more than anything: rock 'n roll.

After Salim plants all of the transmitters, Bentley activates them and the loud music makes Miss Decibel go into a fit of rage. With the distraction in place, Salim makes his way over to her table and plants the statue of Le Paradox, with the bug on it, onto her piano, and he and Bentley make a quick exit.


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