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Vampires were enemies that the Cooper Gang encountered in China of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. They were special guards employed by General Tsao so that he could stop the Cooper Gang from sabotaging him and his forced marriage to Jing King.


They were green Jiang Shi mantises with red eyes. They kept their eyes half-closed. They had vampire fangs inside of their mouths. Their antennae were bent so that they resembled hair. They wore brown kimonos with green spots on the centers, yellow belts, green pants, white socks, and black flats. Unlike real mantises, they had four legs instead of six. The vampires spawned from various crypts within Tsao's stronghold, from which they would dig themselves out of the ground. They always hopped around on their hind legs. If they got close enough, they would reach out with their front legs and attack the Panda King. He was required to defeat them all and destroy their crypts in order to complete the job "Vampiric Demise", which is the only time they appeared.


  • It is possible for the Panda King to destroy their crypts just before they spawn.[1]
  • These are General Tsao's only employees not to make up a symbol of the Chinese zodiac.
  • Hopping Vampire is based off the mythical Jiangshi from Chinese Mythology.


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