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Extend your jumps by hovering in mid air.
― In-game description[src]

The Hover Pack is a power-up used by Bentley as a jetpack that allows him to gain height, travel large distances or both. It could be purchased from ThiefNet for 1200 coins in "He Who Tames the Iron Horse" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves, 300 coins on day 2 of "Rumble Down Under" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves and was a default ability in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


The hover pack differs in appearance and method of use, due in part to Bentley being confined to a wheelchair starting with Sly 3.

In Sly 2, the Hover Pack is a gray jetpack that Bentley wears on his shell. It has to be assigned to a button on the Gadget Grid (either l1, l2, or r2) before it can be used; when a button is assigned, Bentley will wear the Hover Pack at all times. Pressing and holding the assigned button will have Bentley press the Hover Pack's throttle, which causes him to slowly rise in the air; this can be done for up to four seconds at a time before Bentley stops using the Hover Pack. It is used primarily to gain height, but it can also be used to travel a large distance. It drains a small amount of the Gadget Meter on each use; it only drains a sliver when the assigned button is tapped, but it will continuously drain slivers when the button is held.

In Sly 3, the Hover Pack is an extra purple afterburner hidden in the back of Bentley's wheelchair; there is a hidden afterburner within each wheel by default. It grants Bentley an extra two thrusts of the afterburners, allowing for up to four jumps. As it is tied to his jumps, the Hover Pack is automatically assigned to x. During his double jump, Bentley deploys the wheels' afterburners by pressing a red button on his wheelchair's right armrest. After purchasing the Hover Pack, Bentley can deploy the extra afterburner with a second press of the red button to assist the default afterburners; a third button press will allow all three afterburners to be used for one last thrust. As with the double jump, both of the extra jumps can allow Bentley to glide and slowly descend, as long as x is held. It is required to be purchased for the job "Windmill Firewall."

In Thieves in Time, the Hover Pack is available from the beginning and consists of three yellow afterburners built into the wheelchair: one on each wheel and one on the back of the wheelchair. It is Bentley's double jump, and as such is automatically assigned to x. Holding x allows Bentley to hover at the same altitude for one second, giving him enough time to travel a longer distance laterally than with a single jump. While using the Hover Pack, Bentley leans back in his wheelchair and turns his wheels downward so all three of the afterburners can keep him in the air. Unlike in Sly 3, it consumes the Gadget Meter, which then refills quickly after Bentley stops hovering. It can be upgraded into the Scorching Hover Pack, which enlarges the exhaust on the back afterburner, allowing Bentley to damage guards directly underneath him while hovering.