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Bentley: I've calculated the trajectory of these rockets and... I'm ninety-nine percent sure you'll be able to ride them all the way up to the top of that statue before they explode.
Sly: What about that other one percent?
Bentley: Well, in that case, Sly, you will be blown to bits - but the experience will no doubt be spectacular.
― Discussing how to get inside the Panda King's statue[src]

"Inside the Stronghold" was a job and hub area in "Fire in the Sky" of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


Once Sly entered the compound, Bentley informed him that he found a way for him to get up to the Panda King's giant statue. The only issue was, Sly's path to the other side was blocked by a reinforced ceiling hatch on the rooftop from which he stood. However, Sly quickly thought of a plan to use the fireworks to destroy the hatch, but first he needed to swipe a few more treasure keys.

Meanwhile, as Sly continued searching for keys, the Panda King respectfully addressed his guards via the loudspeaker, informing them that Hinkau Village chose not to pay for avalanche protection services, and therefore he would be forced to bury many others in the snow. He then told them to keep a lookout for any intruders who would be looking for revenge.

After unlocking the fireworks and blowing the hatch open, Sly proceeded to the other side of the compound, where another bundle of rockets were found. These would help him reach the top of the statue, but just like before, Sly needed to collect a few more keys to unlock them.