The Iron Horses were three trains used by Jean Bison to transport spice across North America.

History[edit | edit source]

After the Klaww Gang's theft of the Clockwerk parts, Jean Bison used Clockwerk’s lungs and stomach as a source of fuel for his three trains. By outfitting each train engine with one of the Clockwerk parts they were able to run endlessly, which in turn increased the rate of spice shipments. Bison referred to these three trains as his "Iron Horses."[1]

As the Iron Horse trains never stopped, the Cooper Gang were forced to board them while they were still moving.[2] Bentley and Sly sneaked on-board Iron Horses number 1 and 2 and made off with both of Clockwerk's lungs.[3][4] Iron Horse no. 3, however, was moving too quickly to board. The gang used an old handcar to reach the back of the train, allowing Sly to jump on and board the train. He made his way through the interior eventually reaching the engine. Jean Bison had bolted the stomach into place in a bid to prevent it being stolen, so Bentley had to use his RC chopper to drop a bomb down the train's chimney to break it free.[5]

With all three Clockwerk parts stolen, the Iron Horses were decommissioned and spice shipment in North America was impacted.[6]

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