The Isle of Wrath is a region off of the coast of Wales, and a part of the Welsh Triangle. It is featured in Tide of Terror of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.

It was a heavily guarded fortress that served as Sir Raleigh's main base of operations. The once peaceful coast of the isle is now a resting place for several ships that fell victim of Raleigh's storm machine, which caused bad weather, and thus, made said ships crash against the rocks and sink, allowing Raleigh to loot them for treasure. The storm machine was where the frog resided.


The Welsh Triangle features a somewhat lush environment. Trees and thorns make up most of the area. Other features here include steep cliffs; some even have waterfalls which flow very far down into the sea. Out at sea, one can see lots of ship wrecks and other smaller islands that are inaccessible. In the center of the Welsh Triangle lies Raleigh's humongous ship, which includes more trees, thorns and plants.


Sir Raleigh's boatEdit

Welsh Triangle Fortress

Raleigh's boat

Sir Raleigh's boat was a massive boat, the central piece of the Welsh Triangle and it served as Raleigh's primary base of operations. Raleigh used it to power his storm machine. The boat had an engine room, a power source room, a wrecked ship collection room and even its own submarine. The boat also contained his library and his personal quarters. The boat was guarded by both walrus and squid guards. After Raleigh was defeated and his operation was shut down, the boat was most likely removed from the coast of the Isle of Wrath.

Raleigh's personal quartersEdit

Raleigh's personal quarters was an area of the ship where the wicked frog kept the treasures and jewelry he stole from the wrecked ships and airplanes. It contained some of the best security systems in the whole ship.

Engine roomEdit

The engine room was one of the main areas of Raleigh's boat powering his storm machine. It was filled with machines that Sly had to sabotage in order to spoil Raleigh's plans. The room was guarded by several walrus guards.

Power roomEdit

The power room was the hottest place within Raleigh's boat. It provided most of the power needed for the storm machine to create its water hurricane. It was a room filled with furnaces and what seemed to be the main furnace of the ship.

Raleigh's libraryEdit

This room was filled with all of Raleigh's books. It was a place of knowledge within Raleigh's boat. However, this room was incredibly dangerous because it was protected by dart weapons disguised as globes, which would execute possible intruders.

Gunboat graveyardEdit

In this room, Raleigh kept some of the ships his storm machine sank as trophies. The room also contained several wrecked airplanes. The room was guarded by several walrus guards and a couple of squid guards.

Crab gang roomEdit

The crab gang room was an underwater room were Raleigh's gang of crabs stashed his sunken treasure. The room also contained the last of Raleigh's treasure keys.

The storm machineEdit

Weather Machine

Sly observes the storm machine.

The storm machine was the most secured location within Raleigh's ship and served as his main headquarters. It was a massive blimp that created hurricanes, causing unwary ships and airplanes to crash, that way Raleigh and his crew could plunder the debris. It was also here that Raleigh kept his part of the Thievius Raccoonus. It required huge amounts of power to create the water hurricane needed to destroy ships and airplanes. It also required frequent maintenance.


  • The Welsh Triangle bears a striking resemblance to the famous Bermuda Triangle, located off the coast of Miami, Florida in the United States.