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The Isle of Wrath is the main location in "Tide of Terror" of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. Located off the coast of Wales, it is a part of the Welsh Triangle,[note 1] serving as the main base of operations for Sir Raleigh the frog.


The Isle of Wrath was a resting place for several ships that fell victim to Raleigh's storm machine, which caused perpetual bad weather around the island, and thus, caused the ships to crash against rocks and sink, allowing the frog to plunder them for loot.

Sly and Bentley drawn to Raleigh's storm machine

This is the first location the Cooper Gang traveled to in the game. Along the way to Raleigh's hideout, Sly Cooper and Bentley took note of Raleigh's storm machine, claiming it to be where he resided. They also pointed out that it was the reason behind the continuous rainfall and shipwrecks. Bentley was curious as to why Raleigh would want perpetual bad weather around his hideout, something Sly was also unaware of himself. Regardless of the weather conditions, Sly was determined to take down Raleigh and claim what was his.

After getting aboard Raleigh's ship, Sly ventured through several areas to collect treasure keys to unlock an electric tube and a cannon that would allow him to reach the storm machine. Inside the blimp, Sly victoriously defeated Raleigh and took back the pages he stole from the Thievius Raccoonus. Following this, the storm machine was put out of commission, and ships could once again sail the ocean.

"Isle of Wrath" was later renamed "Isle of Nice."[1]



The gate that blocks the path to Raleigh's hideout

The island's environment is mostly lush, with trees and deadly thorns scattered about. Other features here include steep cliffs; some even have waterfalls that flow very far down into the sea. One can also see a bunch of wrecked ships out in the ocean and some other inaccessible islands far off. Just north of the first island is Raleigh's ship, which also has trees, thorns and plants. Raleigh's storm machine floats directly above it.

Leading to Raleigh's boat is a long island path with several walrus guards stationed around. At the start of the area is a humongous gate blocking said path, something Sly and Bentley noticed at first sight. Along the path are two sets of waterfalls, the second one featuring small rocks. Just past the small gate ahead are two sets of water wheels, the second one featuring barriers in between. From here lies the final path to the cave that leads to the main hub, where Raleigh's boat is. Located at the far end of the path is the first vault. There are also two light towers in this area, which the player can climb onto to collect some clue bottles.

Raleigh's boat[]

Sir Raleigh's ship

Raleigh's boat is located in the central area of the island. It served as his primary base of operations and was used to power his storm machine. There are several accessible areas aboard the boat, such as an engine room, a power source room, a ship graveyard, a library, a ship collection room, a crab gang room, and there is even a submarine. Along with the island, the boat was guarded by both walrus and squid guards.

On the right side, upon where the player would enter the hub area, is an electric tube that leads to the other side of the ship. This is where one would find the cannon used to fire Sly up to the storm machine. It sits along the right edge of the vessel. Also in this area are the ship graveyard and the crab gang room.

Here in the hub, the player can also find stray lives and Lucky Charms laying around, usually hidden behind breakable windows or placed on platforms or other objects. This is the only main hub in the game to have these items already lying around.

Engine room[]

The engine room

The engine room sits right about where the player climbs onto the boat. This place was used for powering Raleigh's storm machine. It contains several machines such as a spinning crankshaft, electric fans, a large spinning furnace, and some pistons. Sly had to sabotage them in order to spoil Raleigh's plans. This place is also filled with deadly lava.

Raleigh's personal quarters[]

Raleigh's personal quarters

Raleigh's personal quarters were where he kept the treasures and jewelry he stole from the wrecked ships and airplanes. It contained some of the best security systems in the whole ship due to all of the valuable collectibles Raleigh has stashed.

At the start is a hallway with some breakable glass cages and several sets of yellow lasers. Displayed along this hallway are paintings in frog-form of the Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci and the Birth of Venus, by Sandro Botticelli. In front of the gate are frog-version sculptures of The Thinker by Auguste Rodin, Atlas and one of Discobolus. The hall then leads into a larger, more open room containing a labyrinth of laser fences. In the center is a skull that shoots a beam of lasers at anyone who enters the room. It will follow wherever the target moves until the alarm is disabled.

From this room lies a walkway leading the large pool of water, with several lily pads that lead to the upper walkway, which bounds around towards the right. Connected to it is a smaller walkway that connects to a central platform that held the treasure key. On the outer edges of the room are some more piles of loot Raleigh has plundered from other ships.

Power room[]

The power room

The power room is the hottest area within Raleigh's boat. According to Bentley, it was the power source for the storm machine, providing most of the power needed for it to create its water hurricane. The entire room is filled with furnaces and also features what seems to be the main furnace of the ship. This place was mostly guarded by welding walruses and mallet walruses. The vault is located right at the entrance, to the left.

Throughout the area, one can find batches of black ore. Not far from the entrance is a room containing a hook mechanism that is operated by activating a small wooden turbine. At the end of the area is a lava-filled room containing a conveyor belt, which is also activated by a turbine. On the belt was a large lava rock that Sly used to bust through the glass protecting it.


Raleigh's library

This room was filled with all of Raleigh's books. It was a place of knowledge within Raleigh's boat. However, this room was incredibly dangerous because it was protected by dart weapons disguised as globes, which will execute intruders. They were placed on each rug in the area. Each rug has a symbol representing the "globes," serving as an indicator that they are booby-trapped.

The library contains a massive amount of bookshelves. At the end of the first floor, near the elevator, are two flaming furnaces, with a single table placed in between them, as well as large windows. The vault in this area is located on the second level, behind a bookcase. The only guards that were encountered here were squid guards.

Ship graveyard[]

Ship graveyard

In this room, Raleigh kept some of the ships his storm machine sank as collectible items. The room was guarded by several walrus guards and a couple of squid guards. The room was flooded with debris-filled water. Wrecked objects include ships, a submarine, and even an airplane suspended in the air.

This is also where one would find Ropen Lopen, the glowing tentacle-like eyeball seen in the glass container that Sly had to sneak around. He is one of Sir Raleigh's oldest pets.

Crab gang room[]

Crab gang room

The crab gang room is an underwater room where Raleigh's gang of crabs would stash his sunken treasure. It contains several tubes the crabs would emerge from. In the center is a rock formation that the treasure key was placed on.

Storm machine[]

Raleigh's storm machine

The storm machine was the most secured location within Raleigh's ship and served as his main headquarters. It was a massive blimp that created hurricanes, causing unwary ships and airplanes to crash, that way Raleigh and his crew could plunder the debris. It was also here that Raleigh kept his part of the Thievius Raccoonus. It required huge amounts of power to create the water hurricane needed to destroy ships and airplanes, and it also required frequent maintenance.

Storm machine interior

The storm machine could be seen floating above Raleigh's main ship, near the front side. At the top was a large vortex that caused it to storm all around the area. On the front were a bunch of large windows, one of which Sly busted through when he launched himself up there. The inside of the storm machine was filled with water. There was a ring of floating hexagonal platforms surrounding a higher central platform, which set up the stage for the boss fight. Just at the front was Raleigh's large chair, stationed between two large fans, with one spinning faster than the other.


  1. Although the Welsh Triangle is a real place on Earth, the Isle of Wrath is fictional.


  1. Episode: Tide of Terror; Cinematic: Raleigh Hung out to Dry.