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The Jailbird Costume was a costume in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time that was obtained in "Go West Young Raccoon." This costume is obtained following the completion of the job, "Under Arrest" after Sly defaces all of Sheriff Toothpick's posters, steals his Cuban lollipop, and knocks down his banner. This subsequently results in his arrest and acquisition of the costume.


Reserved for the worst criminals in the Old West, this prison outfit sports a heavy iron ball and chain attached to the wearer's leg, restricting movement. However, the wearer can use the colossal ball to smash objects and inflict massive structural damage.
― In-game description[src]

While wearing this costume, Sly would wear a jail uniform that is standard within 19th century prisons. It consists of a black and white striped cap with a flat top along with matching shirt and pants. Worn over these garments are a yellow bandana and a waist sash of a matching color. The shirt's sleeves are rolled up. Brown boots are worn, with a chain shackle worn around the left ankle. The outfit comes with a large iron ball and chain. Despite the description of the costume, the chain of the ball is not attached to the ankle.


  • Ball Throw: Sly can throw the iron ball by pressing square, causing it to fly forward then back into Sly's grasp. Despite it's large and heavy size, he can toss it a fairly decent range. It's primary use is to destroy or push large objects with red tags on them. The Ball Throw technique could also be used to fight guards, instantly defeating rooftop guards in one hit and defeating flashlight guards in three hits.
  • Ball Roll: By pressing r2, Sly will place the ball on the ground and will balance on top of it. He can then roll around on it, moving just as fast as sprinting. Using the ball in this way allows Sly to travel over hazards such as floor lasers or scorching rocks without getting harmed. He also uses this technique while participating in a race called the Toothpick 5000 during the job "Grand Key Larceny."

Weaknesses and limitations[]

As Sly is required to carry the iron ball around with him at all times while wearing this costume, it severely hinders his mobility, causing him to walk slowly and preventing him from jumping or perform any of his acrobatic moves. When falling to the ground, the iron ball will hit the ground first and produce a loud sound; whenever Sly changes into a costume, he would jump up into the air and fall back down; this meant that guards can be alerted to his presence whenever he changes into the Jailbird Costume.



  • Despite the description of the Jailbird Costume stating the ball and chain is made of iron, it does not appear to conduct electricity or heat whenever Sly rolls it over electrical floor lasers or scorching rocks, respectively, leaving Sly unharmed.
  • The Jailbird Costume is the only costume that lacks any idle animations.
  • The special doors that require the Jailbird Costume to open (a gold door depicting a bull carrying the Earth above his head) is a reference to Atlas in Greek mythology.
  • It is unknown how the iron ball could return into Sly's grasp whenever he throws it due to the chain being disconnected.
  • This is Sly's DLC costume in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.