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If I don't bust them out soon, they'll be working a 9-to-5 job selling shoes... and I'll be out 2 best friends!
― Bentley, on Sly and Murray[src]

"(Bentley Saves the Gang in:) Jailbreak" is the fourth episode of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. It takes place at the Contessa's prison in Prague. The main antagonist is the Contessa.


The Setup[]

After Neyla's betrayal in "The Predator Awakes," Sly and Murray were taken away to prison and it is up to Bentley to get them out. After a sleepless week of data crunching, he finds out that they are locked away in the mysterious towers of Prague, where at the moment they are the unwilling guests of INTERPOL's most renowned prison warden: The Contessa.

The Contessa, once a criminal psychology student, entered into a whirlwind romance, and marrying a wealthy aristocrat. Sadly, they were only together for a short time, as the general "suspiciously" died a few weeks after they got married.

Now a widow, the Contessa put her education and newly acquired estate to work by opening a criminal rehabilitation center. Her pioneering use of hypnotherapy has produced some positive results and subsequently earned her a prominent position within INTERPOL.

Sly and Murray are slated for the Contessa's "Good Samaritan" brainwashing. Bentley needed to break them out of prison soon. Otherwise, his friends might end up working at a 9-to-5 job selling shoes and the Cooper Gang will be no more...


Job name Completed by
"Eavesdrop on Contessa" Bentley
Bentley heads to the Contessa's house in search of leads on the locations of Sly and Murray.
"Train Hack" Bentley
Sly is imprisoned in the high-security "hole." Bentley hacks the local train to use it as a projectile on the prison's wall.
"Wall Bombing" Bentley, Sly
Having created an escape route for Sly, Bentley uses his RC chopper to take out the guards along the prison wall.
"Big House Brawl" Sly, Murray
Murray gets into a fight with other inmates in order to get placed in solitary confinement. This should make it easier for Sly and Bentley to free him.
"Lightning Action" Sly
Sly deactivates the lightning rods around the prison so that a bolt of lightning will strike and destroy the Contessa's giant attack robot.
"Disguise Bridge" Sly
The pipes under the bridge feed power to the prison's security systems. While Bentley places charges along the bridge to destroy the pipes, Sly defends him by posing as a statue.
"Code Capture" Sly
Sly gathers several security codes so that Bentley can decrypt the Contessa's encryption algorithm.
"Close to Contessa" Sly
Sly and Bentley will need to acquire a tank in order to enter the prison. Sly pickpockets a set of tank keys and the tank patrol schedule off of the Contessa.
"Operation: Trojan Tank" Bentley, Sly, Murray
Sly and Bentley sneak into the Contessa's prison to free Murray.

The Getaway[]

Despite the Contessa's escape at the prison, the Cooper Gang was overjoyed to be reunited, all thanks to Bentley. Even the van ride out of town was like a party as they were telling jokes. Because Murray was laughing so hard, he was forced to pull over twice. Despite all of the jokes, Bentley realized that something had changed. The trio have never been separated since the time they met as children, and their recent isolation gave them all pause for thought. Needless to say, they took a few weeks off before returning to work, and for the first time in Bentley's life, Murray let him drive the van.



The safe is located in a room underneath the Contessa's house. The entrance is found on the side facing the train tracks. The safe's combination is 2-4-8, and upon opening it, Sly and Bentley receive the Long Toss gadget.


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Sly! Come in! Sly! Do you read me?
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  • Instead of the traditional "Sly Cooper and the Gang in...", it is crossed out and crudely written with a red marker, saying "Bentley saves the Gang in..."
  • This is the first episode where a Clockwerk part is not obtained, while episode 7 is the second respectively.
  • This is the first episode in the series to not feature Carmelita.
  • In the getaway cutscene, a picture can be seen behind Bentley that looks like him dressed as a female. It is unknown who this picture is supposed to be of.
  • On one end of the bridge are two statues of bats. During "Bomb the Bridge," they become wolf statues like the rest of them are, that way Sly can use them as well.
  • Because Murray is imprisoned throughout most of the episode, this is the only episode in the game (excluding the intro) where he has no jobs available, although he does complete the episode by taking part in the job Operation: Trojan Tank.
  • The spotlights around the prison interior will be shut off when you return to this episode.
  • The scene within the getaway cinematic where the gang is barbecuing is documented in a picture frame, which is seen on Bentley's wall in the ending cinematic of Sly 3. However, the background shows a different location.