Janitor rats were minor guards that Sly Cooper and the gang encountered in The Black Chateau of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


They were brown mice with black pupils. They wore a blue jacket, along with shorts and white shoes. They also wore a blue hat. If they saw intruders, they would use their brooms to inflict damage. Sly had to hit them four times to defeat them. The janitor rats only appear inside Dimitri's nightclub.

The janitor rats were new hirees that were required to clean until they could prove themselves worthy of being guards.[1]


  • A magazine article showed that before the release of Sly 2, a class of children created the janitor rat design, which explains why they only appear in only one specific area in Paris.
  • They have the same moves as the baboons from A Starry Eyed Encounter and The Predator Awakes.
  • They are the first guards to appear other than the usual rooftop and flashlight guards that can be found in the hub level.


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