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The Japanese village, also known as Feudal Japan, is a location in Japan, and the setting of Turning Japanese of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. It is the home of Sly Cooper's ninja ancestor, Rioichi Cooper.


This location is based on a Japanese village from 1603 AD and features some important landmarks including the Geisha House, Rioichi's Sushi House and El Jefe's fortress, all of which play an important role in Turning Japanese.

Three types of guards are seen patrolling the area, which consist of boars serving as flashlight guards, and cranes and macaques serving as rooftop guards.


After the Cooper Gang stole the samurai dagger from the museum in Paris,[1] they time traveled to Feudal Japan to locate Sly's ancestor Rioichi Cooper, a master ninja and famous sushi chef. They learned that a ruthless general named El Jefe imprisoned Rioichi for apparently serving bad sushi to the shoulder. Upon arrival, the gang's first major task was breaking Rioichi out of prison.[2]

After being freed, Rioichi explained everything about El Jefe. He has constructed a giant statue of himself, that overlooks the entire village. The gang needed get up there to take down the tiger before he could get his hands on Rioichi's cane. Before this, however, the gang first needed to help Rioichi reclaim his sushi house, which was overtaken by El Jefe and his army.[3]

The gang then raided El Jefe's fortress to confront him and put an end to his schemes. Unfortunately, he managed to swipe Rioichi's cane. It was up to Sly to follow El Jefe and battle him to reclaim the cane. However, while Sly was victorious in defeating the tiger, he failed to get the cane back, as Le Paradox's blimp showed up, dropping a few rat troopers down to retrieve Rioichi's cane. Fortunately, one of the troopers dropped a sheriff's badge, which the gang used to time travel to their next destination.[4]



The hideout is a well-hidden building hardly on the center of the map, with a minor distance from the Imperial Prison. It sports a functional moving statue of a raccoon.

Imperial PrisonEdit

The Imperial Prison was where Rioichi was imprisoned. The area is relatively large and well-guarded. It featured many breakables and a couple of Sly Masks. It is also pretty dangerous, as it features deadly traps such as flaming dragon statues and giant swinging axes. Sly's Samurai Costume protects against the flames, but not the giant axes.

Rioichi's Sushi HouseEdit

Rioichi's Sushi House is playable during "Sushi House Startup." It is relatively large, featuring many rooms filled with breakables. During the mission, the place is heavily guarded by El Jefe's boar guards. It is also here that players learn how to use Rioichi's Leaping Dragon technique.

Sashimi CavernsEdit

This area is where Bentley and Murray go fishing during "Something's Fishy." Rioichi also comes here to gather a couple of poisonous plant seeds for the gang to use in the heist. The area is filled with water and has weak lily pads. There are also some deadly spike traps seen in the area.

Geisha HouseEdit

The Geisha House is playable during "Pretty in Pinker." It is relatively large and like Rioichi's Sushi House, it is well guarded during the aforementioned mission. It features many breakables and one Sly Mask. Rat trooper guards are also seen patrolling one section of the building.

El Jefe's fortressEdit

El Jefe's fortress is a very tall structure that overlooks Feudal Japan. Sly climbs his way up here to fight El Jefe. It was here that El Jefe would hide out most of the time. Because it of its tremendous height, it could be easily seen from the main hub.



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