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Jing King is the gentle and beloved only daughter of the Panda King, notorious demolitions expert and former member of the Fiendish Five. She has purple and white fur, and blue hair that she holds up with chopsticks. She also wears a purple qípáo and carries a blue paper fan.

Her first and only appearance was in "A Cold Alliance" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. She is voiced by Max Pham, and is never actually seen in-game except as a silhouette behind a paper wall and in cinematic cutscenes. In addition to her physical look, the cinematics also show her silhouette.


Jing King was kidnapped by the ruthless and arrogant General Tsao, who was obsessed with bloodlines and believed that by forcing Jing King to marry him, the lineage of the King and Tsao families would merge, and their children would have unsurpassed power.

The Panda King, who had recently departed from his life of demolitions and crime, and instead turned towards tranquility and meditation, reluctantly joined the Cooper Gang, after Sly promised him that they would rescue Jing King from Tsao at his fortress in the Kunlun Mountains of China. The Panda King also believed that by aiding Sly Cooper, he would learn humility.[1] General Tsao was very cruel to Jing King during her imprisonment, and thought that, as a woman, she did not know up from down. Sly called General Tsao "the worst" of the villains he faced, due to his horrible treatment of Jing King and cold assessment of her as a piece of property.[2]

Oh Father! You have rescued me from General Tsao! I was beyond hoping for such a thing.
― Jing King's gratefulness at being rescued[src]

Sly and the gang managed to secretly rescue Jing King from under General Tsao's nose, and, not knowing she was actually helping the gang, Carmelita Fox disguised herself as the bride during the marriage ceremony and busted General Tsao. After the whole ordeal, the Panda King sent Jing King to live with her aunt, and later moved to a house two doors down, and wanted to screen all of Jing King's future suitors, a request she was all too happy to comply with. It is presumed that Jing King is still unmarried, as even the bravest of suitors were probably scared off by the sight of a possible father-in-law carrying bombs and other weapons on his back.[3]


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