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Jump Attack is a move introduced in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. The power up allows Sly to electrocute enemies by swinging his cane upwards while jumping up into the air.


Jump Attack (level 1) - The first Jump Attack. The button sequence is triangle, x. Sly jumps slightly, while shocking the opponent by swinging his cane upwards; it is generally not strong enough to eliminate opponents in one hit.

Jump Attack (level 2) - A stronger Jump Attack. The button sequence is triangle, triangle, x. Sly does an upwards cane swing followed by a flip in the air while shocking the enemy, summoning an field of electricity around the enemy in the process. A shockwave is released afterwards, causing the enemy to explode, damaging anyone in the vicinity, including Sly.

Jump Attack (level 3) - The strongest Jump Attack. The button sequence is triangle, triangle, triangle, x. Sly swings his cane upwards and does 3 flips in the air afterwards while shocking the enemy. An even bigger electric field and shockwave follows, and deals even more damage to any that are too close to the blast.


  • In the Sly 3 mission "Hidden Flight Roster," Sly uses a Jump Attack to send a catapult to the ground in front of the Black Baron's castle.
  • Jump Attack level 1 has a similar animation to the initial hit of the Stealth Slam.
  • Strangely, if Sly perform a level 1 Jump Attack on the flashlight guards in the episodes "Rumble Down Under," "Flight of Fancy," or "Dead Men Tell No Tales," they get instantly defeated in one hit similarly to Voltage Attack and Lightning Spin in Sly 2. It is unknown as to why this happens.
  • For unknown reasons, Jump Attack levels 2 and 3 have no effect on flashlight guards.
  • This is the only move that Sly has in Sly 3 that can cause self-damage.