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Kinderdijk is a town in the province of South Holland in the Netherlands and is the location where Flight of Fancy in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves and the ACES competition take place.

It appears to consist of vast farmland, as can be seen from the ground as well as up in the air. The Black Baron's castle is here, high up on a hill that overlooks the whole town. Windmills provide power to the small town, and stone dikes, for which the town is named for, protect the land from high water levels.


The town of Kinderdjik consists of various locations.

Black Baron's castle[]

The castle

The Black Baron's castle is a building located high up in a hill in Kinderdijk and was the center of operations for the Black Baron. The inside of the castle is inaccessible, however, while climbing to the top, a large room can be seen, where the Baron is speaking to one of his guards.

At the top of the castle, there are two catapults, who would further be used as a means to access the castle, a small runway for the Baron's planes and a large hangar where the flight roosters are located, as Bentley breaks-in and steals them.


Where all participants were housed, and could not leave after sunset.

Cooper Hangar[]

Located right next to the runway, it was where the Cooper Gang stored their biplane. It was surrounded by other hangars.


A big ramp, where all aircraft took off and (presumably) landed.


Under the ACES competition, there are three types of guards prowling the grounds of Kinderdjik:

  • The bunny farmers are most likely common farmers who are paid by the Black Baron to guard the area along with the Black Baron's goons. As a weapon they use a pitchfork, and they wear traditional Dutch farming clothes.
  • The pig mechanics guard the area using tools and cans of gasoline. They will spray gasoline over you and put you on fire, or throw wrenches after you. They wear typical work suits.
  • The ram flashlight guards are bellhops from the hotel. They have the usual flashlight weapons.


  • This is one of the few levels to have daytime in it.
  • This is one of the few levels to have an undefeatable enemy, Lupus gigantormus.
  • And this is one of seven levels to have a woman antagonist, the other six being "Vicious Voodoo," "Jailbreak," "A Tangled Web," "Anatomy for Disaster," "Of Mice and Mechs" and "40 Thieves."
  • Holland is featured in the opening cutscene of Of Mice and Mechs.
  • The name Kinderdijk is Dutch for "Children dike," which comes from a folktale known as "The Cat and the Cradle."