The Krakarov Volcano,[note 1] also known as Clockwerk's Lair, was an active volcano located in Russia that served as Clockwerk's main base of operations and as the headquarters of the Fiendish Five. It was here that Clockwerk produced most of his high-tech weaponry and machines. The fortress was heavily guarded by Clockwerk's death ray, fire slugs and robo-falcons.


A Strange Reunion gameplay 1

Sly against Clockwerk

After Sly Cooper defeated the first four Fiendish Five members, the Cooper Gang traveled to the Krakarov Volcano to take down Clockwerk. Using their newly modified Cooper Van, they managed to infiltrate the fortress. Sly then spotted Carmelita Fox, who unfortunately got captured by the owl. After Sly freed her, the two of them decided to team up temporarily to take down the cyborg owl.[1]

Clockwerk's pieces were recovered from Krakarov and brought to Cairo's Museum of Natural History. However, it is unknown what happened to Clockwerk's base.



The environment consists mostly of fire, lava and rocky terrain. Several stalactites can be seen hanging from the ceiling and the area also features several pointy mountain peaks. Krakarov's road was filled with mines that would blow up if activated.

Lava cavernEdit

This cavern was home to many Fire Slugs that came out an attempted to interfere with the gang's plan to collect a certain number of computers to unlock the passage to the control room to Clockwerk's Death Ray.[2]

Control roomEdit

Just past the cavern was the control room. This was where Clockwerk placed Carmelita Fox after capturing her.[3] This area was highly booby-trapped, featuring spotlights, lasers and dart shooters.

Clockwerk's death rayEdit

Clockwerk's death ray

Clockwerk's death ray

Clockwerk's Death Ray was a massive weapon built within the Krakarov Volcano. It served as the headquarters of Clockwerk's fortress and bore a striking resemblance to Clockwerk himself. Some parts of the structure appeared to be incomplete, which means that Clockwerk was still building the machine when Sly arrived. However, the death ray was fully functional.

Notes and referencesEdit


  1. It is occasionally spelled "Krack-Karov."


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