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The La La commercial was a television advertisement for the then-upcoming Sly 2: Band of Thieves. It aired on MTV in early 2004 and stars La La Anthony, who at the time was a video jockey on the channel's programs Total Request Live and Sucker Free.

The commercial was also included in Sly 2 as a bonus video. It is unlocked by completing "The Predator Awakes" and accessed by hovering over the episode in the episode select screen. After a few seconds a police badge will appear on-screen, prompting the player to press square. The bonus video is unavailable in all of the PAL releases of Sly 2 and can only be accessed on the North American, Japanese, and Korean PlayStation 2 releases of the game.


An in-game shot of Dimitri's nightclub is seen at the start of the commercial. La La appears on-screen and states that she is chasing down Sly Cooper. While chasing after Sly, she explains that the Cooper Gang is back in action and ready to pull off their biggest heist ever. After catching up with Sly, Sly attempts to charm La La, leading to her informing him that she is drawn to rappers, not raccoons. Sly escapes, and La La promptly tells the audience to remain in suspense to see who is at number one.