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I've never seen such a majestic creature, so full of life, so ready to live...
So much for that, he's back in the deep freeze.
― Bentley in awe, then disappointment of the unfrozen then frozen mammoth[src]

"Laser Redirection" was a job for Sly Cooper in "Menace from the North, eh!" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


The log chopping guide is frozen in a block of ice. The gang must figure out a way to melt the ice and free the book.


In order to free the log chopping book from the block of ice, Sly must melt it with a laser. To do this, he must head inside the sawmill and redirect a laser to the outside. The switch is on the other side of a wall, so he must make his way around to it, avoiding the guards and security systems along the way. Once he gets to the other side, he flips the switch and redirects the laser out the window.

Sly then heads back outside for the next part. Bentley has given crystals to Sly to store in his pouch, so that he can place them at wherever the laser stops. This alllows the beam to be bounced to a new position. Once, he gets the laser to point at the iced wall, it melts, freeing a mammoth, which rushes into the water and goes into a deep freeze again. Sly grabs the log chopping guide and they are ready to study it.


  • There is a glitch in the game where this job can be played repeatedly. If you re-enter the building after completing the episode, the job may restart, forcing you to complete it and any jobs after it, including the heist. This can keep you from getting 100% and therefore can remove your ability to use the Mega Jump gadget. Sucker Punch Productions posted a fix for this glitch on their website, which says to let auto-save handle the saving of the game and to complete the episode from there.
    • This glitch was fixed in the HD remaster.
  • Guards and the bear will not notice the laser beams, so it is possible to kill them by leading them into the beams.
  • The laser beams disappear after the mission is completed.