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Cyrille Le Paradox owned a giant blimp that served as his own time machine in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. It was built by Penelope using plans that she stole from Bentley, the inventor of the technology that made time travel possible.[1] The blimp acted as a mobile headquarters for Le Paradox's gang.


Le Paradox used the time machine to travel throughout time, aiding him in his plan to both validate his thieving skills by stealing the Cooper family canes, and secure his future as a powerful ruler by forging royalty documents and hiding them in the past, to be found in the present.

The gang first encountered the blimp in Feudal Japan, where the gang attempted to raid El Jefe's fortress. After defeating the tiger, Sly Cooper preceded to retrieve the cane of Rioichi Cooper. However, before he could, Le Paradox sent rat troopers down from the blimp to retrieve it. After that, the blimp disappeared through time, leaving Sly quite bewildered.[2]

Le Paradox also used his blimp to send Inspector Carmelita Fox to Cotton Mouth Bluff in the 1880s, which was also where the gang was at the time. As a result of this phenomenon, she had no choice but to team up with Sly's gang, as it was her only chance at taking down the evil skunk.[3]

The gang encountered the blimp once again in Ancient Arabia. It was docked within an underground docking station. Le Paradox was ready to leave once he had the documents Miss Decibel created for him. Sly had to fight through Miss Decibel to reach Le Paradox in time. After Sly bested Miss Decibel, she begged Le Paradox to let her on board, but he stated the blimp reached maximum weight capacity, due to him capturing Carmelita. Miss Decibel fell off the rope hanging beside the blimp, then afterwards, the blimp rose out of the docking station and took off.[4]

The gang returned to Paris in the present day to put an end to Le Paradox's reign. Sly's first task was to infiltrate the blimp to rescue Carmelita, but it turned out to be a trap. Inside the blimp was a time tunnel that Le Paradox planned on using to trap Sly and Carmelita in an infinite loop through different time periods, without sending the blimp through time with them. After defeating Le Paradox, Sly ended up using the time tunnel to escape the blimp as it was being destroyed, and ended up stranded in Ancient Egypt.[5]


The blimp used several large balloons, wings and propellers to be able to fly.

It had four rooms which were used to store Le Paradox's loot and supplies; one in the back, two in the middle and one up front. The store rooms were, among other things, used to store the stolen Cooper canes in specific trophy cases.

The blimp was controlled directly from a deck covered in glass sticking out of the front bottom of the blimp.

The command deck itself included a "time tunnel," which was intended to send Sly and Carmelita in an infinite loop through time.

The blimp featured a talking computer. The computer voice was provided by Grey DeLisle, who also voices Carmelita in the game.

The blimp has a platform for Le Paradox to ride through at the epilogue which is propels by a spinning blade and uses six mechanical claw-like arms.