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The Le Paradox clan was a family line of semi-unsuccessful thieves.


Similar to their rivals, the Cooper Clan, the Le Paradoxes were a family of thieves that were multicultural and spanned across the globe. Their operations spanned from Feudal Japan to the Roman Empire.

However, unlike their rivals, the Le Paradoxes were, according to Cyrille Le Paradox, mostly unsuccessful and that the Coopers' success was the source of their misfortune. It didn't help that they weren't entirely stealthy since their stench always gave them away. It came to the point where the latest member of the family was placed in prison with a life sentence with no apparent heir.[1]

Notable members[]


  • Despite stating that Coopers were their rivals, the Cooper Clan seemed to be largely unaware of the existence of the Le Paradox clan, making the rivalry one-sided.
  • They share a similarity with Clockwerk in a way that the Coopers always found a way to beat them.