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The Lightning Spin is a vault power-up that Sly obtains in "Menace from the North, eh!." The vault that contains it is located in the sawmill where the mission "Laser Redirection" takes place.


This power-up is a combination of the Spin Attack that Sly has as a default move and Voltage Attack. It is a deadly spinning cane attack imbued with electricity. Similarly to the latter power-up, one hit with the powered-up cane will discharge electricity into opponents, killing them instantly.

The Lightning Spin has an edge over the Voltage Attack for its quick execution; Sly does not need to tap his cane on the ground to charge it with electricity. The cane's electricity only disappears after he stops spinning, meaning it can also hit multiple opponents in one attack and break objects without losing the electrical charge, whereas Voltage Attack can only discharge electricity into one enemy or object at a time. One drawback is that the Lightning Spin drains twice the amount of energy from the Gadget Meter than Voltage Attack (Lightning Spin consumes 1/5 of the Gadget Meter compared to Voltage Attack's 1/10). It also cannot be used while Sly is airborne.


  • Using this power-up to defeat enemies while outside of combat will draw the attention of nearby enemies from a much shorter distance than Sly's standard Stealth Slam. Because of this, along with its quick execution, Lightning Spin can be used as a faster and "silent" alternative until he acquires Silent Obliteration.
  • This is the only vault power-up in Sly 2 that does not have Bentley say "You've gotten the "_" move!" when obtained. Instead, he says "Gadzooks, that's a nice one!".
    • This also makes it the only vault power-up that Bentley does not refer to by name.