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Looty Shake is a power-up for Murray in Turning Japanese of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. It costs 200 coins on ThiefNet and is available after completing "Something's Fishy."


This power-up upgrades Murray's version of pickpocketing so that he can steal loot from guards, while also tripling the amount of coins that come out of guards per shake. In order to do so, Murray must first get near a guard and press CircleButton to stomp, which will cause a shockwave that launches the guard into Murray's arms. If dealing with flashlight guards, Murray can only do this if he does not alert the guard. With the guard hoisted above Murray's head, press CircleButton to start shaking the money loose. It will take several presses to shake out all of the coins. If a guard has loot, Murray can then steal the loot with one more CircleButton after shaking all of the coins out.


  • In Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, Murray was able to pickpocket coins and loot from guards without the need of a purchase from ThiefNet. There, Murray had to uppercut and then catch the guard in midair before being able to shake the loot, unless he dazed the guard first.
    • Another difference from the Sly 3 version is that the Looty Shake automatically causes a loot-packing guard to disappear after the loot is obtained. In Sly 3, the guard remained hoisted above Murray's head, which allowed you to dispose of the guard whenever you wanted.
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